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Top jobs available and recent unemployment data

Jobs continue to slowly return, based on the federal jobs report about January employment. Here are the numbers you need, hiring trends we expect to see this year and the top jobs available right now.

Unemployment by the numbers

  • Overall unemployment: 6.3%
  • Men: 6%
  • Women: 6%
  • White workers: 5.7%
  • Asian workers: 6.6%
  • Hispanic workers: 8.6%
  • Black workers: 9.2%
  • Hiring trends we’ll see in 2021:

    Skills-based hiring. More employers are embracing the practice of hiring based on aptitude and skills, not just your previous job titles. Here’s how you can get hired based on your skills.

    Diversity and inclusion remain a priority, with an added focus on culture. What does this mean for your 2021 job search? Be yourself! Show off your skills, volunteering experience, passions outside of your job – everything that makes you unique. Here's what you should include in your job seeker profile.

    Permanent work from home or hybrid workplaces. Remote work is now an essential, normal part of the working environment. Many companies have committed to a fully remote workforce, while others will allow a mix of work from home and in-office when it’s safe to gather again. Know your preference for remote work and know that asking for it is a perfectly reasonable request. Optimize your work from home setup - for your current role or your job hunt.

    Top jobs right now:

    Retail workers are in demand again – find a retail job here.

    Truck driver jobs

    Registered nurse jobs

    Software developer jobs

    Customer service jobs

    Retail sales jobs

    Marketing manager jobs

    The jobs with the most growth:

    Childcare jobs

    Insurance jobs

    Administrative assistant jobs

    Web developer jobs

    Graphic designer jobs

    Teaching jobs

    Top industries hiring now:

    Administrative jobs

    Transportation jobs

    Warehouse jobs

    Healthcare jobs

    Retail jobs

    Manufacturing jobs

    Finance jobs

    Food services jobs