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Improve your work from home setup in 3 steps

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Whether you’re using your home office for your current role, searching for a job or learning new skills, you need a designated space to focus on your professional life. You don’t need a separate room – or even a desk if you’re in a tight space – to set yourself up for success when working remotely.

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One of the reasons this trend was rising in popularity pre-pandemic was because of how adaptable and personal your working environment can be when you control every aspect of it. That means you get to dictate what you need from your designated space or materials, and we’re here to suggest tried-and-true tips for productivity.

1. Tidy your tech.

From keeping your job search files organized, to staying on top of your own to-do list, you should do this check-up on your devices.

  • Install updates on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet, then delete files, screenshots, apps and programs that you don’t need.
  • Archive old resumes and cover letters to make sure you have the right one at your fingertips, and if you need a new resume, get started here.
  • Comb through your email and organize messages into folders. This will ensure you don’t miss important work messages or updates throughout your job search.
  • Adjust the settings on your device to reduce or filter blue-light, hit the screen contrast that’s best for your eyes, and turn on the automatic “Night Mode” option if you have it available.
  • When you’re done with your clean-out, empty your device’s trash – and don’t forget your physical space, too.

2. Personalize your space.

A vision board for your career, photos of loved ones, plants – whatever makes you feel calm and focused on the task at hand. Again, the beauty of having your own personal workspace at home is that if you want a coffee maker on the shelf next to your desk, you can have it! Hang fun posters, decorate with fun lamps, try out wallpaper samples, incorporate a cozy blanket, or create a mixed-use space for working, hobbies and fun.

3. Get comfy.

Expanding on the point above, your work from home space should be comfortable and support your lifestyle.
Working from bed? Get a laptop tray, lumbar pillows, and put a plant and cute water bottle on the nightstand.
Sitting at a desk? Find one that is the right height, invest in an ergonomic chair and keyboard so you can sit and type comfortably all day.
Using the kitchen table or moving around your home? Create a portable bag or box of your essentials – water bottle, snacks, charger – and setup a few areas in your home for maximum comfort.
This can be as simple as adding a lumbar pillow to one dining chair and your spot on the couch.

Plus, don’t forget to prioritize proper lighting. Again, this could be a lamp next to the bed or a full-on overhead fixture in a dedicated room. Your eye health is important, and if you’re conducting remote job interviews, you want to put your best foot forward.

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