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Career Advice: how to find a job that works for you

Your guide for career success, resume writing, salaries, interview questions and the workplace.

Top 20 small and mid-sized U.S. cities for jobs

CareerBuilder | March 7, 2022

Find out which small or mid-sized US cities offer the best job opportunities, and which cities have the most openings in the top 10 most popular industries.

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Top cities for top jobs
Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving: an essential soft skill to develop

CareerBuilder | July 1, 2022

Is problem-solving a soft skill you can develop? Learn about soft vs. hard skills, how to develop problem-solving skills, and best ways to include them on a resume.

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Top Administrative Skills to Land a Job

Land a job with these 6 administrative assistant skills

CareerBuilder | June 30, 2022

Mastering these six administrative assistant skills, which include interpersonal, computer, and organizational skills, will set you up for success in any career.

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How to find a job that's right for you this summer

Video: Tips to find a job this summer that works for you

CareerBuilder | June 27, 2022

Summer is upon us – and it’s not too late to find a position that suits your schedule and skills.

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How to quit your job the right way

How to quit your job the right way

CareerBuilder | June 27, 2022

While quitting a job isn't always easy, it's extremely important to resign tactfully because you don't want to burn bridges with your employer.

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Reverse Chronological Resume

What is reverse chronological order on a resume?

CareerBuilder | June 24, 2022

Work history sections can list past jobs from oldest to newest, but you can also do the opposite. Learn when to use reverse chronological order on a resume.

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Leadership Interview Questions

Leadership interview questions and how to answer them

CareerBuilder | June 23, 2022

Some leadership interview questions may catch you off guard. Prepare yourself for these questions and show you have what it takes to lead the way.

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Physician assistant

Learn how to become a physician assistant and how to get a great job

CareerBuilder | June 22, 2022

Check out our guide on how to become a physician assistant and what makes this job especially appealing and rewarding.

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Salary vs. Hourly Wage

Is becoming an hourly or salaried employee better?

CareerBuilder | June 21, 2022

Learn why some jobs are salaried and some are hourly, the differences between these payment methods, and how to choose the best option.

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Should you follow up

How to follow up after a job interview to improve your chances of getting hired

CareerBuilder | June 17, 2022

Simple tips for sending a follow-up email after an interview that will make you a memorable applicant and might even help you land the job.

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