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Job Search RN: advice for new Registered Nurse graduates

Registered nurses have a great instinct for knowing just when to step into a situation, whether it's providing care for patients, bringing a doctor up to speed or acting on a lucrative opportunity for a step up in your career.

For some RNs, such as recent grads, it can be unclear where to start or how to search for RN jobs. Read on to learn about best search practices for looking online, as well as the resources offered to give you a competitive edge for the best new nursing opportunities with salary expectations.

Search 122,779+ Nursing jobs

High demand for RNs

The outlook for a Registered Nurse is great, with a higher posting intensity for RNs than for other occupations and companies, this data indicates that companies may be trying harder to hire for RNs:

393,353: candidates with RN experience (or similar)

14,411,713: current job openings for RNs

This trend is only expected to grow as an aging population will require more health care options, and a recovering economy means expanding health care teams and new facilities that will need to be staffed.

Steps to new opportunities

Your first step is to do a job search for RN. Currently, there are over 88,000 Registered Nurse jobs

Next, include your location, or the area you're looking to work.

You can also search for other nursing positions: Entry-level Nursing jobs (5,297+)

Or a more specific health care role: Nurse Practitioner or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

When you see a job you like, click the Apply Now button.

Search for salaries:

RN's typically earn between $42,500 and $135,000 annually with a median salary of $78,000 for Registered Nurses with some experience. Other factors such as location play a role in determining an individual’s pay.

Job search RN:

88,991+ Registered Nurse jobs

5,297+ Entry-level Nursing jobs

19,167+ Licensed practical nurses (LPN) Jobs

Career tips for RNs:

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