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10 jobs that pay $50 an hour (or more)

10 jobs that pay $50 an hour (or more)

Money might not be everything, but it's something to keep in mind when choosing a career. There are many jobs paying over $50 an hour in a variety of fields, including technology, science, health care, and business. Often, these high-paying jobs require extensive experience and education. However, if you know what type of job you want, you can start working toward a $50-an-hour salary. With that in mind, here are 10 jobs that pay $50 an hour or more.

Administrative officer

Average salary: $55.60 per hour

An administrative officer plans, directs, and coordinates the supportive services of an organization. They typically maintain facilities and supervise record-keeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep. Often, they're the main point of contact for an organization's employees. Their other duties might include planning and scheduling events, managing office databases, and updating company policies.

Air traffic controller

Average salary: $62.90 per hour

An air traffic controller directs pilots and manages air traffic. They monitor the airspace and give instructions to help pilots take off and land safely. They also review air traffic conditions to ensure that aircraft can fly safely. According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, controllers can work in airport towers, radar rooms, or control facilities at locations outside of airports.

Health services manager

Average salary: $61.55 per hour

A health services manager might manage an entire facility, a specific clinical area, or a medical practice for a group of physicians. They ensure that the facility complies with changes in health care laws and regulations. A health services manager is an in-demand position within the health care field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% growth in medical and health services managers by 2032, which is a much faster growth rate than other occupations.

"Money might not be everything, but it's something to keep in mind when choosing a career."

Software developer

Average salary: $63.90 per hour

software developer designs applications for clients or consumers, such as word processors and games. They might create custom software for a specific business or commercial software to be sold to the general public. Software developers write and test code to confirm that there are no bugs. They may also perform quality assurance testing before software is released.

Mining engineer

Average salary: $48.70 per hour

A mining engineer designs sites where minerals such as coal and metals are mined for use in manufacturing and utilities. They evaluate sites and use their knowledge to determine best practices for extracting the minerals. They also identify potential hazards to prioritize safety and efficiency in their designs. In some cases, a mining engineer will be on-site for the construction process.

Biological scientist

Average salary: $46.10 per hour

A biological scientist studies the chemical and physical principles of living organisms and biological processes, such as cell development, growth, heredity, and disease. They usually specialize in a particular area, such as marine biology or biochemistry. They conduct research and record their findings to form scientific opinions. Often, biological scientists present their research to the public or other specialists in the field.


Average salary: $50.30 per hour

A geologist studies the physical aspects of Earth, such as its composition and structure, as well as geological processes. They use this knowledge to learn more about the Earth's past, present, and future. Geologists work in various industries, including construction, environmental consulting, and academia. Their duties often include collecting samples in the field, analyzing materials, and reporting on their findings.

Physician assistant

Average salary: $60.25 per hour

physician assistant provides medical care to patients. While they can examine, diagnose, and treat patients independently, they usually work in collaboration with a supervising physician. They might also work as part of a larger health care team with doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Many physician assistants choose to specialize in an area of medicine, such as pediatrics or cardiology, which can affect their earning potential.


Average salary: $58.90 per hour

A midwife, also known as a nurse midwife, provides care to pregnant women before, during, and after childbirth. They often assist with family planning, prenatal care, and breastfeeding support. They also attend childbirth and might deliver babies or help with pain management. Midwives work with new parents after birth to provide information on infant care.

Nurse practitioner

Average salary: $59.95 per hour

Nurse practitioners serve as primary and specialty care providers, delivering advanced nursing services to patients and their families. They assess patients, determine the best way to improve or manage their health, and discuss ways to integrate health promotion strategies into patients’ lives. They perform exams, make diagnoses, and develop treatment plans. Many nurse practitioners specialize in an area, such as acute care or oncology.

These are some of the $50-an-hour jobs you can pursue with the right training and education, but they're certainly not the only ones out there. If you want to make more money in your career, upload your resume to CareerBuilder to find lucrative positions in your desired field.

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