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How veterans can find a job based on their skills

A rise in skills-based hiring is good news for everyone, especially veterans. Employers are considering more candidates who may not have a college degree, have taken less “traditional” career paths, or are switching industries altogether.

This growing trend, supported by job search tools, is making it easier for veterans to find a job and get hired. Whether you’re looking to get into these common industries for veterans or forge your own path, understanding how your skills translate to civilian career paths will be instrumental.

You are more than your title (or rank)

Communicating what you do for work can be a tough task for anyone, even without military experience. Framing your daily tasks as accomplishments and contributions requires a perspective bigger than the to-do lists you manage. Step back and evaluate how you get everything done or keep projects moving – are you extremely organized and methodical? Do you thrive in a casual environment? Do you bring an artistic flair or a logical approach? These are just a few examples to analyze your personal approach to work.

And think about your duties, responsibilities, and output in universal terms, like teamwork, processes, and time management. Whether you’re working on military equipment or leading units, you have skills that translate to a civilian career.

Veterans bring unique skills – lean on them

Routine. Clear expectations. Comradery and trust. Leadership. Cooperation. These “soft” skills make veterans valuable additions to any team. While many non-military workers learn these essential skills throughout years on the job, they are integral parts of thriving in the service. When you transition from military to civilian life, promote your ability to work well with others, take initiative and receive feedback.

Use the skills section of your job profile to list skills and proficiencies, from people or soft skills to your technical abilities.

Use your military occupational specialty code to match with job titles

Just like civilian workers can search by job title or skill to find the right job, you can use your MOS code to find the best job matches on CareerBuilder.com. For example, searching by 1141 (a Marine Corps Electrician) serves up civilian roles that align with your skills in your military position. You should see a list of responsibilities and duties, plus skills, in each posting. Make sure your resume is tailored for each position you apply to and really connects the dots between the civilian job you're looking at and your military service.

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