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How to search for jobs with CareerBuilder

How to search for jobs with CareerBuilder?

How to find great job opportunities with CareerBuilder

Connecting job seekers with employers used to be difficult for everyone involved. Candidates had to look for suitable work in newspaper classifieds sections or call companies directly to ask their HR departments if there were any openings in their specialization. The internet changed that, as it changed everything else, and nowadays you can browse jobs from anywhere with a computer or smartphone. Job websites like CareerBuilder create win-win situations, helping both employees and employers find what they're looking for. 

What is CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder is an employment website that matches professionals with appropriate employers, based on their specialization, location, and other relevant factors. We were founded in 1995 in the United States and have since expanded in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Our main goal is to make the experience as effective and straightforward as possible for both candidates and employers. 

We understand that, from a job seeker's perspective, looking for work can be a stressful experience, and we do our best to help make it easier. As one user put it when reviewing our website, we understand the stress associated with job searching and we avoid adding more stress by being easy to use, reliable, and providing enough information.

How to use CareerBuilder to find employment 

Regardless of your specialization and experience level, you're likely to find a variety of suitable jobs by using CareerBuilder. You can use our powerful job search engine to filter out irrelevant openings and only give you the positions that you're likely to qualify for. This is how you can use the site to improve your career trajectory:

Using CareerBuilder to look for suitable jobs

Looking for jobs with CareerBuilder is straightforward and intuitive. There are two main ways you can look for open positions in your field using CareerBuilder's job search function: basic search and advanced search. Here are some of their characteristics and how they compare:

  • Basic job search: You can seek suitable open roles immediately after accessing CareerBuilder.com, by simply using our "Find Jobs" function on our homepage. Enter relevant details regarding your search, like job title and relevant skills, and you can discover all job openings in your geographical area that fit your keywords. If you'd rather search a specific job category than input keywords, you can access the "Jobs" section at the top of the homepage and you'll discover multiple fields, like retail, customer service, healthcare, manufacturing, and many others.
  • Advanced job search: If a simple keyword or category-based search is too broad for your specialization, you can use CareerBuilder's advanced job search option to narrow down your options. Some of the criteria you can use to improve the relevance of your results are your educational milestones, up to three geographical locations, your desired salary range, and your industry. You can also use the advanced search to exclude various positions based on specific keywords. 

Using CareerBuilder to apply for jobs

Once you've identified one or more jobs that you think would suit you and that you're qualified to perform, you can use CareerBuilder to apply. Before sending your application, however, it's important to either upload your resume or create one from scratch. If you don't already have a resume prepared, the website has a powerful and intuitive resume builder that can help you create one in only a few minutes. Some positions allow you to apply directly, while others redirect you to their company website to complete your job application process.

Posting your resume on CareerBuilder

Besides applying for positions you think would suit you, CareerBuilder also gives you the option of posting your resume on the website and making yourself visible in candidate searches by various employers. This can increase the chances of getting a particular job, as the employer's HR team has already identified you as a potentially viable candidate.

Registering on CareerBuilder.com and having your resume posted on the website can also help you keep a detailed record of your job search history and give you access to additional site features. It's important to remember, however, that this gives third parties access to your resume, and some of them may use it to send you unsolicited messages. 

Letting CareerBuilder recommend potentially suitable jobs

After adding your resume and applying for some relevant roles, you will be able to use CareerBuilder's recommendations feature. It analyzes the information in your resume about your skills and qualifications, studies your job application history, and uses the information to provide you with potentially relevant job openings in your area. One review mentions that this function provides them with relevant jobs in their area and provides accurate descriptions of the job openings.

Additional CareerBuilder features

Besides connecting candidates with employers, CareerBuilder offers other features that can help you enhance your career. Some of them are:

  • Salary Search: Are you sure that the pay level you're seeking matches your qualifications? By using CareerBuilder's Salary Search function, you can find useful information regarding your specialization, like the salary range in your area, common responsibilities for the role, similar jobs, and top hiring companies.
  • Career Advice: You can find relevant information on how to improve as a professional by reviewing our Career Advice function. From drafting your resume to improving your workplace performance, you can find dozens of articles on useful topics.
  • CoLab: Some skills are transferable to multiple fields and professions and your skill set may qualify you for a new role or career. By using our CoLab feature, you can review jobs with similar required skills and qualifications to yours.

Whether you're actively looking for a new job or simply scanning the market, the internet is a powerful ally that can save you lots of time and energy. Here at CareerBuilder.com, we make it our mission to help both candidates and employers form effective and long-lasting collaborations.

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