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How to build a resume with CoLab

How to build a resume with CareerBuilder CoLab

Need a new resume? Or could your current resume use a makeover? CareerBuilder can help! Here’s how to get started.

Click on over to CoLab

CareerBuilder CoLab is your go-to hub that provides job seekers like you with the critical information to help make confident decisions related to current and future career choices. With CoLab, you can view thousands of positions and drill down into skills required, similar roles, and the top companies hiring.

Narrow your search (but not too much)

CoLab is all about transferable skills and helping you discover jobs you can perform that match your skill set – even if you’ve never held a particular role. Aim high and pursue the jobs that catch your eye. Don’t settle when you’re just getting started. And if your transferrable skills match you with different positions in different industries, don't worry. CareerBuilder can help you prepare to apply for a variety of jobs with our resume builder. 

View sample resumes

Now that you have an idea of the roles you covet most, check out sample resumes in CoLab, like this one for an accountant. While samples aren't available for every position, there are a fair amount there to get you started. Just click on the resume tab of a job title’s landing page in CoLab to see the examples that can provide you with guidance and inspiration.

Use our easy-to-use tool to build your resume

While you’re in CoLab, scroll up to the top navigation bar and click on “Upload/Build Resume” to begin putting together a resume that gets results. Our free tool walks you through creating a resume in just minutes. Start with your contact information, then fill out your relevant professional experience. Add in education, skills, languages, and certifications. You can craft a brief professional summary (see examples here), include links to your social profiles, and even add an “About Me” section to help employers get to know you even better.

The CareerBuilder tool also lets you select what type of employment you’re seeking, such as full or part-time, and your desired salary.

Don’t stop building there

Now back to those other jobs you may be interested in. They may require you to tweak your resume slightly (or radically). Not a problem. With CareerBuilder, you can create as many resumes as you like, each of which can be tailored to specific positions. So, fill out your profile and get started on the search for your next best job.

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