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Best Google professional certifications to pursue

Best Google professional certifications to pursue

Essential Google professional certificate training programs

If you're interested in pursuing a professional certification, Google offers many training programs for various fields. Some of these fields include IT, project management, data analytics, and marketing. Here's a list of some of the most popular training programs available from Google, including the benefits of pursuing a Google professional certificate, so you can determine whether these certifications are a good fit for you.

What are Google certifications?

Google provides several online training program certificates that can help professionals quickly develop the essential skills necessary to succeed in various fields, including finance, health care, digital marketing, and construction. With these three- to six-month courses, enrollees can expect a completely online training experience with highly trained industry professionals and updated course materials. After graduating from the program, you also gain access to an exclusive Google Coursera job platform, which can improve your ability to secure roles in those key fields.

6 Google certifications you can pursue

Here are detailed descriptions of some of the most popular and useful Google certifications currently available for those seeking to advance specific skill sets or gain qualifications for certain roles:

Digital marketing

This certification prepares professionals to work as digital marketing specialists for successful organizations. Some of the coursework in this certification involves creating and building e-commerce stores, measuring the performance of those sites, and creating data-driven strategies. Those who enroll in this program may also gain insight into creative channels such as social media marketing, online video marketing, and optimizing content for mobile devices.

Data analytics

This program helps develop a data analyst's ability to use specific tools to design solutions for large-scale and small-scale organizational problems. It allows professionals to develop their ability to uncover trends and patterns by analyzing data and finding relationships between data points. Through this training, data analysts can be an instrumental part of their team's data-informed, decision-making process.

IT support

This certification teaches the fundamentals of information technology for support professionals. Google designed this certification for employees in small and large organizations that need to be more self-sustaining when it comes to IT support. The coursework covers a number of topics, including how an organization can navigate the transition from legacy infrastructure to cloud computing, the basics of networking, common security threats faced by businesses today, cloud deployment models, and Google Cloud Platform services.

Project management

As the need for project managers grows in nearly every industry, enrolling in a course like this one is becoming more and more essential. This training teaches the core concepts of project management, including stakeholder management, meetings, task creation and planning, resource allocation, and risk management. Additionally, it discusses the impact of technology on project management and its ability to streamline operations and reduce costs.

UX design

As UX design becomes a higher priority for many web and software development companies, this certification is becoming more relevant in the job market. This training program fosters skills related to usability and design. Those who complete the program may be qualified to work in UX research, UX design, and information architecture. This course focuses on how web design and coding can create better user experiences, as well as how web developers can identify usability issues before they become serious issues.

IT automation

This certification prepares professionals to manage the automation of IT operations and work on teams that implement solutions to improve existing manual processes. The training involves coursework in PowerShell, Windows, Linux, Mac, and other relevant technologies. IT technicians with this Google certification can perform specific tasks with increased efficiency. In addition to improving time-management skills and imparting essential knowledge that may be crucial to establishing automated IT systems, these courses can also give you more insight into how to support your team after you set up these systems.

With these three- to six-month courses, enrollees can expect a completely online training experience with highly trained industry professionals and updated course materials.

Benefits of pursuing Google certifications

Here are several benefits of pursuing these types of training programs offered by Google:

Translate your skills into a highly desired job role

Many employers recognize Google certifications and they often prove to be very valuable when applying for jobs. Unlike some other types of professional certifications, Google certifications can provide you with specific skills needed for specific roles in particular industries. This helps you stand out among the thousands of applicants who have similar job qualifications.

Earn a higher salary

Many employers value candidates with advanced training in their industry and may reward that training with a higher salary. This is especially true for recent college graduates who work in certain occupations, such as data analytics and management, software engineering, and information technology. The fact that you have the skills to back up your experience can help you land higher-paying positions than other candidates.

Become an expert

These programs can help prepare you to think and perform like an expert in that particular field or area of expertise. By doing so, you can gain some valuable insight into the industry and how it operates both on a large scale and on a small scale. This can help you earn your way to more senior roles with more responsibility in larger organizations.

Learn entirely new skills

These programs can also help you learn entirely new skills, which can help you perform a variety of tasks more efficiently or increase the number of tasks you're qualified to perform. New skills may also help you find positions in different industries or apply your existing skills to new areas or related roles. Regardless of your career hopes, the programs offered by Google can help you build your abilities and increase your value as an employee.

Take advantage of self-paced options

The courses for most of these programs are self-paced, so there's no need to rush your way through the training. When taking online courses for personal development and for professional purposes, it's easy to feel pressured by a looming deadline or impending due date that threatens to distract you from learning at the moment. With Google certifications, you can often complete training tasks when you have the ability to focus and the motivation to succeed.

Use the on-demand availability

If you're not sure right now if you're ready to enroll in one of these certifications, another benefit is that they are currently always available to new enrollees. This means that you have the flexibility to take your time to think about whether this is the right path for you and don't have to make a decision immediately. Additionally, you can take time to plan your career and complete other necessary steps before enrolling. 

Unlock career support resources

By enrolling in one of the training programs, Google and Coursera also give you access to tools for job-seekers, such as a resume builder that allows you to upload a resume and update it with expert and an interview warmup tool that is especially helpful in providing detailed mock interview questions for applicants of specific roles. These helpful resources can make a large difference in your ability to gain notice from employers and secure interviews with highly competitive companies.

Whether you're interested in working your way up the corporate ladder or are just starting out in your career, Google certifications can be a great way to get your foot in the door and secure roles in successful companies. By enrolling today or learning more about the process, you can take the first steps toward establishing the career of your dreams.

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