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10 of the easiest jobs to get in a foreign country

Numerous jobs are available if you're interested in working in a foreign country. It's essential to research what you'll need to perform work outside your country of citizenship, such as a visa and valid passport. With this information, you can search for jobs that suit your skills and interests. Consider the following careers you can pursue in a foreign country.

"If you do your research, it's possible to find a job in the country of your choice if it's open to foreign workers."

What are the easiest jobs to get in a foreign country?

It can be easier to find jobs in certain countries because they're more open to allowing foreigners to work, and it can be easier to obtain a work visa. Some of the countries where it may be easier to get your work visa include:

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands

Of course, if you do your research, it's possible to find a job in the country of your choice if it's open to foreign workers. Creating a profile on CareerBuilder can help employers in foreign countries find you and alert you to any job openings that fit your resume. Explore some of the easiest jobs to get in a foreign country.


English teacher

English is spoken in many countries worldwide, making the job of an English teacher not only easy to get in a foreign country but also an in-demand position. While many countries require those seeking this job to have a degree, it's not always a requirement. Earning a TEFL certification can be an alternate route to getting a job teaching English abroad. An advantage for anyone with the skills to teach English is that the job can be done in a traditional classroom environment and online, creating even more opportunities to find work in this field.



Similar to a teaching job, tutors can often find jobs easily in a foreign country because of the high demand for people who can work in the education field. A tutor helps students learn subjects they're struggling to understand. Someone in this position should be adept at simplifying the subject matter to make it easy to learn. Depending on your employer's needs, you may need to be an expert in one subject or have a broad knowledge of many topics. Tutoring can be rewarding since it allows you to make a significant difference in people's lives.


Au pair

An au pair, also known as a nanny, is someone who cares for the children of their client. Most au pairs are also responsible for light household duties, such as laundry, preparing meals, and cleaning up after their charges. You may also need to have the ability to drive in the country where you're employed in this role since clients often want you to take their children on outings or to scheduled appointments. It can help if you're comfortable with pets because many families with children also have dogs, cats, or other domestic animals.


Freelance worker

As a freelance worker, you have the opportunity to pursue a career in a foreign country doing the job you currently have. Freelance work can be anything from content creator or social media manager to graphic artist or copywriter. If you have the right skills, you can take this type of work with you anywhere in the world. 

Since you're already employed, you'll only need to ensure you can stay in the country of your choice and perform the tasks you're currently doing. It's also good to know the cost of living in a foreign country to ensure you can live off your freelance income, which can vary widely depending upon your occupation.


Hotel clerk

Hotels operate in almost every developed country, and many need employees who can easily communicate with tourists and visitors. It's no surprise that working as a hotel clerk is an easy job to get in a foreign country. In this role, you not only get to know other travelers, but you'll also learn about the nation's culture, history, and popular destinations. Another bonus for this job is that it often requires little or no formal education, making it an excellent option for those who want to take a gap year to explore the world.


Tour guide

Popular travel destinations usually have several historical sights and attractions that tourists want to visit. These places often require a tour guide to take people through them safely so that visitors can fully understand the significance and importance of the location. A tour guide leads people through these types of places, explaining the details that make it of interest. If you have good people skills and can communicate effectively, a tour guide could be the right job.



Farming and agriculture are essential industries worldwide, making the job of a farmhand easy to get in many countries. If you enjoy working outdoors and have an affinity for growing plants or tending animals, becoming a farmhand could be ideal for you. You'll get to work alongside others who share your interests and learn valuable skills about the farming industry in foreign countries. You may need to know how to operate specific pieces of farm equipment, such as tractors, and be able to lift heavy objects and stand or walk for long periods during your shift.


Humanitarian aid worker

As a humanitarian aid worker, you can help the homeless, refugees, and others in need in a foreign country. Many companies and organizations offer humanitarian aid to foreign nations and need people sensitive to foreign affairs and cultures to carry out these essential services. Human relations and humanitarian aid relief can be rewarding fields to work in worldwide. You have the opportunity to help people improve their lives and get the help they need to get out of poverty or to adjust to life in a new area.


Business manager

Although many business managers need an academic degree, once you have one, you may be able to take your skills with you to a foreign country. Some of the world's top businesses, such as banks and retail establishments, have locations around the globe. As a result of this global presence for many businesses, many opportunities exist to become a business manager for familiar companies abroad. Knowing another language can help you succeed as a business manager in another country. If you already work for a company that operates in another country, it may be easy to transfer to a business manager role in one of these locations.


Health care provider

The health care industry is growing all over the world. Jobs in health care are more accessible than ever to get in foreign countries. Health care providers, such as nurses and doctors, are needed everywhere to provide compassionate care for individuals who are sick, injured, and suffering from other health complications. You'll need to understand what's required to perform your specific duties in this field since not all countries have the exact licensing and education requirements for health care workers who serve their communities. 

Working in a foreign country can be an exciting and eye-opening experience for you. You can obtain positions most readily if you have the essential education, skills, and desire to work in a foreign nation. This list covers many jobs you can pursue if you seek a new adventure in life and want to work abroad.


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