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Teaching remains one of the most in-demand jobs

If you’re in the market for a job, the fates continue to smile upon you. According to CareerBuilder data from March 2022, the number of job postings on CareerBuilder.com continues to grow -- but the curve has started to flatten signaling greater economic recovery. Further, applicants are indicating a strong preference for salary transparency.

CareerBuilder CEO Susan Arthur said, “The demand within the workforce is still challenged but improving over time. We are now seeing that job seekers are placing priority on positions that are transparent about compensation. Salary is playing a big role in filling the demand and listings that state salary on our site are currently 11 times more likely to attract more applicants."

Hot for teachers

In February 2022 the rising demand in Education, Training, and Library Occupations increased significantly in March 2022 by more than 2600% since March 2021. Compounding this labor crisis in the education sector, a recent survey found that 54% of teachers are either somewhat or very likely to leave teaching within the next two years, perhaps as a result of the stresses of the pandemic and remote learning. “Based on recent insights from our site, we are still noticing a decent volume of open education roles including those for instructors, pre-k through secondary teachers and special education teachers. We can expect to see this trend continue as studies have shown that a vast majority of teachers are likely to leave the profession within the next two years,” Arthur stated.

Growing industries

Most Major job groups show strong double- to triple-digit growth in March 2022 as compared to the same period last year. Transportation, Warehousing, Healthcare, Sales, and Office continue to drive job posting volume, but we are also starting to see significant demand in the following groups:

Money matters

As professionals like you become more selective when applying to jobs, it isn’t surprising that CareerBuilder found that jobs that list salary are 11X more likely to attract more applicants per posting as compared to the same period last year. This is up by 10% from last quarter, indicating a demand by job seekers for greater transparency around compensation. Full-time positions that list salaries currently attract 14X more applicants than those that don’t – an increase of 8% over last quarter.

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