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What’s your number? Research salaries and apply for jobs with CoLab

Everyone should earn what they deserve. And most people have a good idea what number they need to hit to sustain (and surpass) their lifestyle. But openly sharing salary information isn’t exactly commonplace in American society. A recent Bankrate.com survey revealed that salary transparency varies sharply by generation, and of even the most forthcoming cohort (Gen Z), less than half are willing to share their “number” (42%). So, how do you find out what your skills are worth?

Enter CareerBuilder CoLab. CoLab is your go-to hub that provides job seekers like you with the critical information to help make confident decisions related to current and future career choices. CoLab offers resumes, how workers can translate their unique skills into new opportunities, and salaries for a variety of positions.

Search by position

When you visit CoLab, you can search by position to see what people are earning in that job – and where. CoLab can surface salary ranges for hundreds of jobs from A (for accountant) to Z (for zoo keeper). While you’re researching salaries, don’t forget to check out resume tips tailored for the position, responsibilities, the skills required, top hiring companies, and similar roles.

Get salary information by location

With CoLab, when you search by position, you’ll be able to see a national range of salaries for a job. But what someone can earn in New York may be different than what a company in a smaller market can pay employees. Enter Paycheck Gut Check! Part of the CoLab experience, Paycheck Gut Check serves up salary information by position – and location. First, if you know your number, scroll through the landing page to discover jobs that pay $35k, $50k, $70k, and $90k and above.

Next, drill down by position and location. If you’re looking for an administrative assistant job in New York, you’ll learn that role earns an average of $19.00 an hour, and also that there are openings that pay anywhere from $13.96 to $25.78 per hour. You can also see the number of job openings on CareerBuilder in the New York area – more than 2,600 administrative assistants are in high demand!

Apply and boost your bottom line

Once you’ve found positions that match your skills, create your CareerBuilder profile and upload your resume. It takes but a few quick clicks to get set up. Then, select “Apply Now” to submit your application in just one click. And be sure to sign up to receive alerts for similar positions so you can increase your options – and your paycheck.

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