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Top career advice of 2020

We’re counting down the top ways you and millions of other job seekers approached the search for employment. Here’s how you made it through this year and the topics you most cared about.

9. 5 steps to improve your skills from home

Whether you’re working from home, or you find yourself out of work during quarantine, there’s no time like the present to focus on professional development. Here are four steps to identify which of your skills need work and how to start learning from home today.

8. Stay productive and connected while working from home

Remote work is going to test your ability to adapt. If you’re conscientious about how you approach your everyday routines, you can pass this test and walk out of this time period with an improved ability to drive productivity and manage your day efficiently.

7. Job interview tips in the age of social distancing

The basics of any interview remain the same – do your research on the company and the role, prepare questions, and dress appropriately. However, when everyone is staying six feet apart from each other and practicing social distancing, companies are relying more and more on new tools to find and hire employees.

6. Job search tools you need to land your next role

Are you searching for a job for the first time? Or were you laid off or furloughed and haven’t looked for a new job in years? Go back-to-basics with these essential job hunt tools and strategies.

5. How to find a job when unemployment is high

As you look for a job in this more competitive hiring landscape, here are a few tips to set yourself apart and find your next role, fast.

4. The perfect answers to 10 common job interview questions

Congrats – you have an interview! Here’s how to prepare for it and land that job.

3. Apply to jobs and talk to employers all in one app

We’re all spending more time on our phones, whether on social media or FaceTime. Features recently released to the CareerBuilder job search app (and job seeker profiles) are making your job hunt more efficient to get you hired, faster. Here are three ways you can use just a sliver of your time to update your resume, apply to jobs and connect directly to companies – all from your smart phone.

2. Find a job faster with new ways to optimize your candidate profile

Your job seeker profile acts like universal resume, ready at your fingertips and available any time. It adds personality beyond a one-page PDF, giving you the chance to show hiring managers and recruiters your full self. You can – and should – save multiple versions of your actual resume to your account, but here are a few ways we’ve recently upgraded your ability to expand beyond that document for potential employers.

1. Companies hiring throughout the pandemic

Each week-ish, we released the top employers who were hiring, jobs available and in-demand, and the industries that were ramping up and in need of new team members. Take a look at the companies and job sectors that weathered the pandemic, and use these as a guide for finding your next role.

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