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This Mother's Day, turn your mom skills into a new job

It's Mother's Day and we're here to remind you that moms like you have the skills employers need -- yes, you! Think of all the times you defused very public toddler meltdowns -- you're a master negotiator! Remember when your teens had to be in two different places at the same time and you were the only parent available? Well done -- you're an expert problem-solver. These skills -- and the many others you use in your day-to-day parenting -- are highly desirable to employers and translate to so many different professional opportunities.

If you're not sure where to begin your journey as a working mom or are searching for another position that better suits the demands of parenting, CareerBuilder is here to help.

What women and working moms want.

Before we get started, let's get your priorities straight. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 78% of women believe the opportunity to work remotely is important. Given that 86% of women between the ages of 40-44 are moms (according to a 2018 analysis of census data by Pew Research Center), that's a huge demand for remote work. Money also matters: our survey revealed more than half of job-seeking women are looking for higher salaries and better living wages, along with flexible schedules. We have thousands of jobs that meet those very demands.

Get started with CoLab.

CareerBuilder’s recent study also revealed that 59% of women wish they had access to a career advisor or similar resource for career guidance. While we can't offer you that just yet, allow us to introduce CoLab, CareerBuilder's hub for exploring all your career options. With CoLab, you can start assessing all your transferable skills instantly and find positions that ladder up to your unique skill set and talents.

Whatever kind of mom you are -- a mom, stepmom, foster mom, or dog mom – and whatever your schedule demands, CoLab will surface opportunities that match your lifestyle. CoLab also provides salary information to help you find out how much your skills are worth.

Among the hundreds of thousands of jobs for which your transferable skills may be a fit, there are more than 100,000 customer service representative jobs (People skills!). Nearly 30,000 administrative assistant positions are available (Organizational and time management skills!) Moms can apply for more than 170,000 jobs for registered nurses (Caregiving!). See where we’re going with this? And, if you’re worried about your resume, don’t! CoLab can also guide you in building a resume tailored to virtually any position – and you can put your many mom skills to work.

If you’re ready to get back at it or you’re already in it, we’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift to help you get the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on your career. You can learn more here.