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The Lasting Impact of Being a Social Worker

Social work can be one of the most emotionally draining and challenging jobs to pursue. Social workers strive to help the abused, ignored, and downtrodden. All of the stress and pain of working in this field is worth it when you consider rewards like a smile from a child or seeing a homeless person get back on their feet. Keep reading to learn why a career as a social worker only gets more rewarding with time.

Social Workers Help a Struggling Community

People who choose social work enter the field because they want to change their communities and help people. They often enter specific niches that cater to their passions and allow them to make a difference with something they care about. For example, social workers who love kids end up working with adoption agencies to help children find homes or with child protective services to make sure they're not being abused.

Many of the communities that social workers help aren't able to speak for themselves. Children often can't express their pain, and homeless individuals struggle to find resources for help. By giving a voice to those who have none, social workers make the community better.

Social Workers Can See Their Impact in Their Cases

Not every case that social workers encounter will have a happy ending, but they work tirelessly to ensure that most of the people they work with end up better off than they started. This is where the true rewards come in. There are few things more satisfying than seeing someone who was previously struggling now a successful member of the community. The process takes a lot of work, but every once in awhile you can step back and realize that people are better off because they encountered you and the social work profession.

Social Workers Get to Work With People

Social workers don't just interact with their clients; they also work with agencies, hospitals, and nonprofits within the community to learn about what they do and how they can work together. This work is great for social people who love learning about new organizations, but it can also become a positive experience for introverts and people who are new to the community.

In the field of social work, it can start to feel like you're alone, and working with these community organizations shines a light on other people trying to help. It's inspiring to see hundreds of people come together for a benefit run or just a few people show up to pick up trash. Your town or city can have its faults, but there are hundreds of people working to make it better.

Very few people go into social work because of the heartbreak and frustration of a failed case, and the field itself can be taxing on some overtime. However, the little rewards make it all worth it and continue bringing people back to work year after year.

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