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Evolve and grow working at CareerBuilder

Working at CareerBuilder: a world of possibilities

At CareerBuilder, you have the support you need to evolve into exactly what you want for yourself. This is more than just a job — it's an invitation into a warm and welcoming culture that redefines the workplace and enhances your life. CareerBuilder fosters an environment that's diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all. Reviewers praise the site for delivering an easy job searching experience, and the employees within the company are even more enthusiastic.

A culture of growth

At CareerBuilder, you'll find an engaged and supportive leadership team dedicated to your growth. We love watching our employees stretch their wings and soar to new heights. Senior Payroll Specialist Kimberly Quiroz says the best part of working at CareerBuilder is "Always growing and having that accomplished feeling at the end of a new project or even the end of the day. It gives the drive/desire to want to do more, be more."

Lauren Rasmussen, Area Sales Manager in Illinois has received six promotions in seven years. She says, "I love working for a company that rewards hard work." 

Rasmussen began as a Senior Account Executive but found ample opportunities to pursue her passion for management and leadership. "One of my biggest accomplishments was earning Rep of the Year," she notes. "Because I wanted to be in leadership, I always volunteered to teach others how I was finding success, and in 2019 I was promoted to management. I was so proud to have achieved the goal that I set out for when I started here."

Our company's story is one of inspiring employees, and the team here is excited to be part of it. Nathania Luc-Meristil came to CareerBuilder's Risk and Compliance department in Georgia to escape Massachusetts winters but says, "I stayed because I love the people and the work. I like the mission and the vision of the company and I wanted to see [the] company win. Moreover, I wanted to be a part of that story."

Strong support from day one

CareerBuilder employees are respected as valuable parts of the team from day one. Less than a year into working as a project manager for CareerBuilder in England, Harshit Gupta says, "The management is always open to listen to suggestions and improvements."

Laura Cross, Senior HR Business Partner, started at CareerBuilder three days before the country went into lockdown for COVID. Though this unprecedented occurrence naturally created uncertainty and challenges, Cross says, "In that week, I knew that I had made the right choice to join [the company]. My team, manager and colleagues went out of their way to help me settle in. Sharing information and their time to make sure that I had what I needed to be successful." 

She goes on to say, "This support has continued throughout my time with the business, I continue to learn a lot from my client groups, and I am thankful for the time the business leaders have given me."

Collaboration over competition

Competition divides, while collaboration creates the bonds we believe in building among our team members. Reviewers love the opportunities we offer them through our job search site. We make sure employees within CB have just as many options. Prachi Dubey, a Talent Acquisition Specialist, has worked for CareerBuilder for over seven years and says, "the culture and the philosophy of CB is such that we love taking care of our people."

In some companies, it's easy to go unseen if you're getting the job done. Not so at CareerBuilder, where your work is not only recognized but wildly celebrated. Having worked for the company for more than 17 years, Senior Application Administrator Stacy McDonald says her favorite CareerBuilder memories are "All of the recognition opportunities that were awarded to me over the years. Ten-year anniversary party, Hack Day, Diamond Club trip to Cabo. But beyond that, I've enjoyed all of the fantastic, talented employees we had and currently have today." She goes on to enthuse, "The culture here is unbeatable."

Kevin Rudge, Head of Corporate Sales for Broadbean UK, sums it up neatly, saying "CareerBuilder's strength lies in the teams and people who make up the business."

Expanding employees' horizons

Daniel Roelkey, currently a Senior Manager in Client Support, began with CareerBuilder more than nine years ago. He was fresh out of college and "simply looking for a job." CareerBuilder provided him with the leadership, support, and tools he needed to continually grow as part of the company. 

"As a result, my job at CB turned into a career that opened avenues that I didn't even realize I would be so passionate about, like employee development, data analysis, etc.," Roelkey says. "I am thrilled to be a part of the support leadership team and am excited about our path as we move forward."

Agnes Prochina Domingo is currently Principal Engineer for CareerBuilder in Singapore. She describes her growth in the company, saying, "I went from being inexperienced to being someone reliable." Having spent a third of her life working for the company, she's experienced a variety of positions, working as a developer, project manager, and team lead prior to taking her current position. 

When you're working with CareerBuilder, you're never locked in a box. We encourage expansive thinking and limitless growth. Alli Kreidell, Senior Customer Experience Manager, has a 12-year tenure with CareerBuilder and says, "I don't see my career as a ladder anymore, but more of a playground where I go to learn and bring value back to the organization."

Working at CareerBuilder offers a wealth of new opportunities, opening doors you might never have found elsewhere. If you're looking for a job where you're supported, encouraged, and allowed to explore, check out the available jobs now.

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