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Companies hiring now - for 80,000 jobs

CareerBuilder job insights

Find a job near you and in companies and industries that are hiring right now.

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, including its impact on employment. Keep up to date with who’s hiring each week, and make sure your resume is uploaded to the CareerBuilder job board to get in front of thousands of employers.

What companies are hiring now?

The top employers with the most jobs available are PL Labs, Amazon, CRST International, Home Instead and Wal-Mart. Of the top 10 employers, there are almost 80,000 jobs open.

What jobs are available?

These are the top 10 jobs available this week, and we used the CareerBuilder salary tool to find out the average national pay for the top five positions. Visit www.careerbuilder.com/salary to find the average for your area and how it compares to the national average.