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Use CareerBuilder to find your next job

What is CareerBuilder? (And how to use it)

Searching for a new job or making a career change can be daunting and overwhelming. Using CareerBuilder can help you find the job you want with less effort and stress. With an easy way to upload your resume, interested employers can seek you out for open positions. This means you can find the job you've been waiting for sooner. Here's more about what CareerBuilder is used for to help you navigate your way through our job search platform.

Search for jobs

With a focus on a younger crowd, CareerBuilder aims to make the job search process fun and help you learn along the way. Use the search bar on our website's homepage by entering the job title you're seeking and the location where you want to work. You'll instantly see a list of all open positions that meet your criteria. A job description will provide further details to help you determine whether you qualify for the role.

Also listed with each job is the city and state where it's located and if they're looking to fill a full-time, part-time, remote, or contract position. You can review the national average salary for the job as well to determine if the wage being offered is on par with similar roles in other areas.

At the bottom of the page, you can search for jobs in categories like top states, top cities, top job titles, and more to find the perfect career match. Users love the ease with which they can search for jobs through our site. So whether you want to search for a job in a specific location, like Texas or New York City, or seek out the most popular roles right now, CareerBuilder makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

To make your job search process simple, you can upload your resume directly to the CareerBuilder platform. Just select whether you want to register with another social account, such as Facebook or Google, or choose to register with your email. This will take you to a screen where you can upload your resume. Once you have your resume uploaded, you'll be notified immediately of any jobs that match your resume and skill set.

Using CareerBuilder lets you spend more time developing your skills and creating the perfect resume and less time having to submit your information to different employers. Job seekers say that CareerBuilder is easy to navigate regardless of computer skill level.

Get email alerts

When your resume is visible to a wide range of potential employers, you should get emails from some of them expressing interest in you as a candidate. Use your best judgment to determine whether the job sounds like a good match for you and your career goals. If you're interested, you can respond. By simplifying the job search process, CareerBuilder can ease your stress when you're searching for employment. 

Many people find that it's much easier to upload a resume to the site because then all you have to do is sit back and wait for employers to show interest in you. And with 3 million jobs posted to the site monthly, there's sure to be something that suits your skills and interests.

Learn more about careers

The job you have may not necessarily be the job you want. If you're interested in learning more about careers that are similar to your current position or if you'd like to make a career change, you can find helpful resources through our Career Advice page. This is where you can find articles about finding careers in your industry, exploring jobs that are popular now, creating an effective resume, and gaining new skills that are valuable for your role.

Education is a powerful tool, and by reading through the content provided by CareerBuilder, you're sure to learn valuable information that can help you achieve your goals. There's also a salary search page where you can find out how much you could make by switching careers.

Connect with potential employers

CareerBuilder makes connecting with potential employers a breeze, and many people have found long-term employment with our platform. With your resume easily visible to thousands of employers, you can receive emails from those who want to hire you. After making the connection, it's up to you to sell yourself and get the job. You'll be able to communicate directly with a company's hiring manager to schedule an interview, negotiate your salary, and ask questions about the job. If you receive multiple offers, you can then use this as leverage to ensure you get the best job at the best wage.

Using CareerBuilder can help you find jobs you're interested in quickly, thanks to its easy job search function. You can filter jobs to see what's new to make sure you're up to date and current with what's available.

Find career advice and trends

In addition to the information about careers, you can also get some great career advice and learn more about current trends in the job market. 

Are you wondering if a nursing career is a good option? Do you need to know if getting a degree in engineering is the right move? Have you ever considered a career in marketing? We answer these questions and more in the articles on CareerBuilder. A simple search should provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which direction to take your career.

So, what is CareerBuilder used for? Hopefully, this guide answered this question for you. If not, feel free to explore our site, search for jobs, and upload your resume to see how easy it is to find the career you've been searching for.

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