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The ScottsMiracle-Gro Company was founded in 1868 by O.M. Scott as a premium seed company for the U.S. agricultural industry. In the early 1900s, the Company began a lawn grass seed business for homeowners. In recent times, a significant milestone was the merger of Scotts, the leading lawn care brand, with Miracle-Gro, the leading gardening brand, in 1995 to create The ScottsMiracle-Gro Company.

Lawn and garden. There is no better business to be in, and there's no better place to work than ScottsMiracle-Gro.

We are a solid leader in our category with a record of strong financial performance. For seven straight years, ScottsMiracle-Gro has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 400 Best Big Companies in America.

A career at ScottsMiracle-Gro offers you opportunities to take the Company to the next level of performance, with a competitive package of pay, benefits, and recognition. Along the way, your contributions will add to a beautiful world. Regardless of the job, ScottsMiracle-Gro associates have a hand in positively influencing the lawn and garden experience.

Products and Services

  • lawn fertilizers
  • weed, insect & disease control
  • grass seed
  • soils
  • mulches & decorative groundcovers
  • plant food
  • spreaders

Homeowners have long relied on Miracle-Gro® fertilizers to produce healthy, vigorous plants, both indoors and outdoors. Today, that same Miracle-Gro quality can be had with this service option available from Scotts LawnService.

The program includes the following:

Miracle-Gro Feedings Your trees and shrubs receive seasonal feedings of long-lasting Miracle-Gro professional fertilizer. Each feeding is applied directly to the root zone of the plants, where it immediately goes to work improving the appearance and vigor of the plants.

Disease Control Landscape plants which are prone to particular diseases receive preventive treatments throughout the season. If other diseases appear, they are immediately treated with the proper control material.

Insect Control Trees and shrubs receive a combination of preventive treatments and control treatments as needed to take care of a wide variety of insect problems throughout the year.

Continuous Monitoring The landscape is monitored all season long by our Miracle-Gro Landscape Specialist. In this way, problems can be identified and corrected before they seriously affect your landscape.

  • improves the flow of water and oxygen to existing grass roots
  • encourages new root development
  • sets up ideal conditions for new grass seed to germinate and grow
  • provides gradual transition to a more beautiful lawn by introducing Scotts® exclusive Thermal Blue grass seed blend specially forumulated for your area
  • aggressively spreads to fill in thin and bare spots for a thicker, greener appearance
  • helps lawns survive the stresses of summer and quickly recover from excessive heat and drought