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Automated Health Systems

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Automated Health Systems, Inc. is a leader in the promotion and management of optimal health care services for low-income families and communities.

As an employee-centered corporation, we partner our expertise in the administration of statewide public health programs with consumers, health professionals, and public and private funding sources.

While pioneering computer applications that coordinate care and fully integrate medical and social services, we maintain a personalized approach to consumer and provider communities which combines culturally sensitive outreach and education with advocacy for primary and preventive quality care.


Automated Health Systems strives to offer their employees a competitive and unique benefits plan that includes:

Health Insurance
Automated Health Systems offers 100% company paid Health Insurance for all regular full-time employees and their families through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield! Each employee has the option of two plans and can choose the best fit for them. Employees choosing to decline coverage under the health insurance plan are offered a monthly waiver payment in lieu of their coverage.

Vision Insurance and Dental Insurance
Automated Health Systems offers regular full-time employees the opportunity to purchase vision and dental insurance for themselves and their families.

AFLAC Insurance
All regular full-time and part-time employees have the opportunity to purchase any AFLAC product. This benefit offers the following types of insurances:

• Short Term Disability • Accident/Disability
• Long term care • Cancer/Specified-Disease
• Life Insurance • Hospital Confinement Indemnity
• Vision • Hospital Confinement Sickness
• Dental • Hospital Intensive Care

Life Insurance
Life Insurance is a company paid benefit for regular full-time employees. Insurance benefits will be equivalent to the employees’ annual salary.


Automated Health Systems goal is the promotion of health and prevention for low-income families and their communities. AHS’ operations have been devoted solely to health programs for low-income groups and families in need. The diversity of this experience has given AHS a complete and overarching view of the health-related challenges faced by Medicaid consumers and allows us to bring a well-rounded attitude, comprehensive knowledge base, and successful record of partnership and accomplishment to the projects we administer.