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Warehouse Selector

2,367 Warehouse Selector
Jobs Available
in US
$ 13.84 - 23.53/hour

Warehouse Selector SUMMARY

Locate, select, and store products in a warehouse in a fulfillment capacity. Responsibilities include finding and moving stock or merchandise to fill orders correctly in preparation for shipping. Ability to operate transportation equipment and ability to lift 50 lbs. Other tasks can include shrink-wrapping, pallet building, inventory monitoring and preparing items for safe shipment preventing damage. Additional functions may include assisting with loading and unloading.


Warehouse Selector Salary in US

Similar Roles

Warehouse Selector also qualify for the following roles. You should evaluate them to see if they are better fit for your financial and life style goals

  • Forklift Operator
    $ 14.36 - 25.50/hour

    As a certified Forklift Operator, you will offload and load freight shipments into and from trucks, city trailers and other containers. This includes use of pallet jacks to handle and correctly place shipments that may include hazardous or easy-to-break materials. Following all safety and operation guidelines or regulations is fundamental. May require certification and experience using various forklift types and sizes, as well as other warehouse equipment.

  • Warehouse Worker (Office And Administrative Support)
    $ 12.00 - 29.68/hour

    Fulfill various administrative duties to support warehouse environment. Typical tasks include interacting with warehouse associates, keeping accurate tracking records monitoring shipping supply inventory, preparing packages for distribution, and printing mailing labels. May require frequent interaction with customers, logistics companies, and vendors.

  • Material Handler (Transportation And Material Moving)
    $ 13.68 - 29.24/hour

    Independently pick orders inside a warehouse. Pack the shipments based on requirements and shipment size. Ship orders using the provided shipping details. Get certification for operating warehouse equipment if needed. Ability to push, pull and lift packages weighing up to 50 pounds. Follow all safety guidelines while handling materials. Ability to stand for an entire work shift and perform overtime duties with little to no notice. Handle loading equipment like dollies and automatic lifts when needed.

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