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Director of Manufacturing

8,878 Director of Manufacturing
Jobs Available
in US
$ 32.56 - 85.80/hour


Director Of Manufacturing Salary in US

Similar Roles

Director Of Manufacturing also qualify for the following roles. You should evaluate them to see if they are better fit for your financial and life style goals

  • Vice President (Vp)
    $ 36.02 - 128.21/hour

    This role provides strategic vision and advice to the president. And steps in as the acting president when the president is not in office. Must have enough accounting and finance knowledge to give input on the overall condition of the market and the feasibility of the company’s plans. Ability to negotiate contracts and agreements. Develop and implement management strategies and processes. Must have impeccable communication skills. Ability to prioritize without supervision and delegate tasks effectively. Create a performance-based culture and track all KPIs of all departments. Step in and provide insight to solve roadblocks and keep the company on track to meet its annual targets.

  • Director Of Operations (Management)
    $ 20.90 - 106.38/hour

    Reports to the CEO and is a decision-maker for all operational processes. Proven experience as a director of operations or similar is required. Plans and forecasts the budget, hiring, and training needs of all employees under the operations department. Reviews the performance of senior employees like managers etc. and counsels them to help improve their performance. Implement a long-term strategy to ensure we are well stocked for all occasions while ensuring minimum inventory cost. Manage the approved budget, and work on system and process improvements to achieve greater profitability, reliability, and customer service. Negotiate key contracts and manage 3rd party vendors. Provide high-level leadership to the teams looking after facility management and all administrative tasks.

  • Plant Operator
    $ 22.21 - 51.78/hour

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