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44,626 Accountant
Jobs Available
in US
$ 23.35 - 63.79/hour

Roles Similar to Accountant

Accountant also qualify for the following roles. You should evaluate them to see if they are better fit for your financial and life style goals Update Career Goals

  • Staff Accountant
    $ 23.35 - 63.79/hour
  • Account Manager (Management)
    $ 20.90 - 106.38/hour

    Interact with customers, business executives, and stakeholders while managing and preparing sales reports. Responsible for identifying new business opportunities and assisting customers with their needs.

  • Financial Analyst
    $ 28.34 - 81.70/hour

    Conduct quantitative analyses of information involving investment programs or financial data of public or private institutions, including valuation of businesses.

  • Controller (Business And Financial Operations)
    $ 19.38 - 63.11/hour

    Direct financial activities, such as planning, procurement, and investments for all or part of an organization.

  • Auditor
    $ 23.35 - 63.79/hour

    Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements, give advice, or audit and evaluate statements prepared by others. Install or advise on systems of recording costs or other financial and budgetary data.

  • Bookkeeper
    $ 14.64 - 31.51/hour

    Compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete. Perform any combination of routine calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records. May also check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers.

  • Assistant Controller (Business And Financial Operations)
    $ 19.38 - 63.11/hour

    Practical knowledge of accounting is required. May be required to handle petty cash, payroll, and journal entries. Perform accounting entries and review colleagues’ work. May be required to supervise junior team members. Manage the month-end close process while adhering to all internal policies and procedures. Assist in developing better processes. Assist in coaching and training of junior team members. Work with internal and external auditors when needed to ensure all regulatory requirements are met proactively. An advanced degree in accounting or equivalent work experience is required.

  • Office Manager (Office And Administrative Support)
    $ 12.71 - 30.24/hour

    Plan, direct, or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization, such as records and information management, mail distribution, and other office support services.

  • Customer Service Representative (Office And Administrative Support)
    $ 12.71 - 30.24/hour

    Interact with customers to provide basic or scripted information in response to routine inquiries about products and services. May handle and resolve general complaints. Excludes individuals whose duties are primarily installation, sales, repair, and technical support.

  • Administrative Assistant
    $ 14.53 - 26.74/hour

    Perform routine administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers.

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