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Adjunct Instructor

35,879 Adjunct Instructor
Jobs Available
in US
$ 22.90 - 60.54/hour

Adjunct Instructor SUMMARY

Contract teaching opportunity to instruct students on a specific topic for a specified duration of time. Prepare and execute lesson plans, select appropriate textbooks/learning materials, lead in-class discussions, and assign appropriate assignments. Assess and assign respective student grades and facilitate reporting. Ownership of student’s learning outcomes. Understand and address all student’s questions and particular learning needs. Provide students with personalized assistance to cultivate topic proficiency. Successfully communicate with faculty, staff, and students.


Adjunct Instructor Salary in US

Similar Roles

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  • Instructor
    $ 22.90 - 60.54/hour

    Teach theory and practice to students. Work with students of different abilities to ensure no one is left behind. Design and plan new study sessions. Organize and deliver pre-planned sessions. Update and improve on existing study plans. Motivate and counsel students to develop better study habits and skills in the subject material. Conduct student evaluations and collaborate with team members, students, and stakeholders to improve performance. Perform other teaching admin-related duties as needed. Provide input in improving and updating student curriculum and follow best teaching practices.

  • Adjunct Faculty
    $ 22.53 - 74.65/hour
  • Business Instructor
    $ 22.55 - 95.31/hour

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