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Contact Preferences

Manage your contact preferences from CareerBuilder and make them more relevant and useful to your job search and career. You can:
  • Update your settings for Job Recommendations and other subscriptions.
  • Update your settings for notifications like when your application or resume has been viewed.
  • Change your resume visibility to employers who use CareerBuilder's resume database. If your resume is visible, employers can find and contact you based on your education, experience and skills.

Password Issues

Protect your account with just one password, and use it to manage all of your account settings. Please note:
  • Temporary password reset links expire 24 hours after they are generated.
  • Each password reset email link you generate instantly voids previously generated links, so be sure to use the most recent password reset email to be successful.
  • If problems continue, request another reset link or email customer service.
  • Some jobs require candidates to register on their companies' external websites. Creation of a username and password may be needed and is in no way associated with CareerBuilder.