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ZeroChaos is a full-service provider of high-quality contingent workforce solutions. We help companies optimize their contract labor force with automated, web-enabled delivery platforms that have saved our clients millions of dollars. We are the industry leader, offering our customers concentric services that include private label solutions and a full-disclosure pricing strategy.


Checkpast, the ZeroChaos screening division, has been providing premiere employment screening & background checks since 1992. Our comprehensive process maximizes accuracy and minimizes cycle time. Our investigation techniques and MaxPast™ research process are designed to uncover undisclosed and misrepresented information in an applicant’s history. We are also e-Verify-approved. Results are provided via a secure web portal with real-time access to reports. We also provide full-service drug screening within our labs or on your site, and partner with one of the largest networks of drug testing facilities. Our proprietary research methodologies ensure we’re able to uncover gaps, anomalies and patterns that could indicate problems. Our comprehensive results ultimately reduce risk, exposure and cost to your business.

Managed Workforce Solutions

Leading companies rely on a flexible workforce of full-time employees, temporary staff, and consultants. Managing this highly variable workforce has become increasingly complex and costly. Executives, focused on their core business, often choose to outsource management of the talent supply chain.

Combining the ZeroChaos suite of solutions —professional payrolling, risk management, private label sourcing, and other industry leading innovations — yields the ideal outsourcing solution, the ZeroChaos Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program. In a ZeroChaos MSP, we manage your contract labor from requisition through invoicing, improving your process and efficiency. Our proven methodology provides a solution that satisfies even the most stringent compliance requirements.

Risk Management Solutions

There is almost no reward without risk, but hiring is risky business and is increasingly so as the IRS ramps up additional resources, legislators consider bills to increase penalties and lay the burden of proof of worker status on companies, and government entities look for ways to recover missing revenues.
ZeroChaos offers a variety of methods to help companies avoid risk, including:

  • Payrolling services which move employment risk to ZeroChaos
  • Our unique validation & risk management service helps determine if workers are truly independent contractors
  • Robust employment screening solutions that ensure you truly know who you're hiring


ZeroChaos private-label solutions enable our customers to extend the power of their own brand and talent pool. Our suite of strategies, including eContractor™, alumni solutions, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), builds proactive relationships with retirees and former employees to minimize competition for full-time and contingent talent. These strategies reduce our customers’ workforce acquisition costs by nearly 40% and create an ongoing program of cost reductions. Our private-label solutions are fundamentally transforming the talent acquisition industry by giving you ownership of your own talent. As workforce planning and fixed and variable cost resource balance reemerge, ZeroChaos’ private label solutions will differentiate you from your competitors and truly drive value your shareholders.

Professional Payroll Service

Already know the contract worker you want to engage for your project? Is your contract worker a retiree or other company alumni?

ZeroChaos utilizes proprietary technology and integrated back office procedures to deliver processing and professional payrolling services — but at a drastically reduced markup on pay rate of 12-15% (compared to industry averages of 18-25%). This reduction in cost-to-process can deliver immediate savings between $10,000-$15,000 per contractor or $1 million every 100 payrollees annually! The results speak for themselves.

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