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Youth Villages

Non-profit Not for Profit - Charitable 98 Active Jobs

Hope for Troubled Children Youth Villages' commitment to helping troubled children and their families find success spans over 25 years and includes a comprehensive array of programs and services:

• In-Home Family Counseling (Intercept)

• Residential Treatment

• Treatment Foster Care

• Adoption Services

• Community-Based Services

• YVLifeSet Transitional Living Services

• Specialized Crisis Services

• Intensive Residential Treatment

Our programs use the principles of treatment models that have been proven effective. Some of those models include:

• Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

• Treatment Foster Care

• Re-Education of Emotionally Disturbed Youth (Re-ED)

Our approach has been very successful. Today, over 1,500 counselors, teachers and skilled support staff provide Youth Villages' services from offices in 51 locations throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


  • Competitive salary
  • Annual merit increase consideration
  • Qualified company-sponsored retirement plan
  • 403B tax-deferred savings plan
  • Medical insurance - Co-pay and deductibles - Prescription benefits - In-patient and out-patient services
  • Dental insurance (plus discount EyeMed vision care)
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Supplemental insurance plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Tuition and licensure reimbursement program
  • Wellness program
  • LifeBalance program
  • Free checking account
  • ATM/debit payroll card

  • Mission and Values

    Our Mission Youth Villages helps children and families live successfully. Our Values Kids needs come first...Always We make every decision in the best interest of each child. We adapt our programs to accommodate the special needs of children and families. Often we make personal sacrifices in order to help children and families achieve their potential. Children are raised best by their families. When at all possible, children belong with their families. We help families provide the support and structure that all children need. We provide a safe place. We provide care and treatment for children in an open, safe environment. We ensure that young people are physically and emotionally safe. We strive to achieve positive, lasting results. We help children and families develop skills to live successfully by focusing on areas that have a long-term impact on the family. We are committed to our staff. We recognize the many challenges our staff face each day. We value teamwork and help staff achieve their potential through an atmosphere of open communication, learning and fun. We are each responsible for providing the highest level of service to our customers. We deliver our best by listening and responding to our customers...every time, every day. We constantly improve our performance to achieve excellence.We measure our efforts by accessing our strengths and needs to identify areas for improvement. We believe that anything can be made better. We create new programs to meet the needs of children, families and the community. We develop innovative programs that serve children and families facing the most challenging circumstances. Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to test the limits of existing services and create new opportunities. We do what we say we do. Our mission and values are more than just something to talk about. They guide all of our decisions. We believe that our integrity can only be measured by how we live by these values each day.


  • Home-Based Counseling (Intercept)
  • Residential Treatment
  • Treatment Foster Care
  • Adoption Services
  • Community-Based Services
  • Transitional Living Services
  • Family-Based Care for Children with
  • Developmental Disabilities (CHOICES)
  • Specialized Crisis Services
  • Intensive Residential Treatment

  • College

    Experience a career at Youth Villages! The Youth Villages Internship Program offers you unique, hands-on experience working with emotionally and behaviorally troubled youth in a residential, group home or home-based counseling setting in Memphis or one of our many other locations. A week-long orientation prepares you to work closely with our staff and learn to carry out many of the same duties, including group therapy, one-on-one processing, teaching life skills, organizing recreational therapy activities and more. Our Internship Program also is a lot of fun. Community housing arrangements and organized group activities and outings to baseball games, Graceland, cosmic bowling and a smashing intern bash ensure you have plenty of fun things to do. Youth Villages offers internships year round. Summer internships are 40 hours a week for 10 weeks and are paid. Fall or spring internships are for credit only; schedules are flexible.


    PO Box 341154 Memphis, TN 38184 (901) 251-5000