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YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities


The YAI Network provides a full range of health and human services to people of all ages with developmental and learning disabilities and their families.

The YAI Network serves people with disabilities and their families from birth, through all the transitions of childhood, adolescence and adulthood and through the end of the lifespan. Through each phase, our goal is to provide dignified, caring, professional services that help the people we serve maximize their potential in every area of life, regardless of their age or the nature of their disabilities.


The mission of the YAI Network is to create hope and opportunity for people with developmental and learning disabilities and their families.

We believe that every person, at every age and level of ability, has the potential for growth. We also believe that each individual is entitled to the same dignity, respect and opportunities as all other members of society.

To that end, we provide one of the nation's most comprehensive networks of programs and services to assist people with disabilities in maximizing their potential. We pledge to maintain the highest level of excellence and sensitivity in all that we do. The YAI/NIPD Network is committed to the pursuit of excellence.

We are firmly committed to helping the people we serve to achieve their potential for independence, individuality, productivity and inclusion in their communities.



YAI Network staff is our greatest resource in serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each employee is treated as a valued professional. Working here is more than just a job, it is the pursuit of a rewarding career.


We believe that our staff is our most important resource. We are committed to promoting the involvement and participation of our staff in the management of the agency and to facilitating the growth of our staff through education, training, and supervision. We believe that great accomplishments are achieved through teamwork and encourage our staff to join us in creating an environment that is characterized by respect, kindness, effective communication, and a positive approach. Our management philosophy is "participatory management." All staff members are encouraged to express their views directly, constructively, and positively to their supervisor and all other managers, as they deem necessary, without any fear of retribution.