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Xcellent ATL

Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Telecommunications < 100 Employees Headquartered in Atlanta, GA 5 Active Jobs

At Xcellent ATL, we specialize in direct marketing, sales consulting, and customer acquisition for some of the largest clients in the telecommunications industry. We offer our clients 100% return on their investment by focusing our efforts on a direct, more personal marketing approach to their consumer base. In turn, our clients yield long-lasting lasting customers and increased brand awareness of their products and services.

Xcellent ATL guarantees tangible results to multi-billion dollar companies, and we deliver them with efficiency and integrity. Our company holds itself to the highest standards, working only with industry leaders who share our values. There exists no communication more reliable and effective than face-to-face. While other companies are coming up with creative ways to grab people’s attention, we are meeting and acquiring customers in-person for our clients.

Our team is comprised of self-motivated, driven "goal getters" who operate with the utmost honesty and professionalism for our clients. In a world in which financial institutions are on the brink of collapse, Xcellent ATL places its investment strategies on the driving force of future growth and expansion: its people. By providing the right direction and professional leadership training, our plans for continued expansion lie solely in the hands of our representatives. 

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At Xcellent ATL we believe that you can use social media for fun and for business! In our latest blog post, our management team shares their favorite social media gurus. Take a look! We hope these help you stay inspired and motivated to work for your goals.

Our Xcellent ATL team made our way to Orlando to attend the Keys to Success conference! While at our first conference of the year, we heard words of wisdom from leading performers in the industry, reunited with fellow colleagues, and even took home some awards! To stay up to date with everything Xcellent ATL, you can follow our Instagram!

Did you know that you are more likely to remember something if you write it down? This tip is incredibly important so we decided to make it our weekly tip!  If you want to keep up with our weekly tips every single week, follow us on Facebook!

Interested in finding out what we are all about here at Xcellent ATL? We have just what you need! We have an awesome visual for you to enjoy - our explainer video! Learn all there is to know about our services, our career, and the opportunities we create.

Every day our team members here at Xcellent ATL surprise us with their talent, skills, and positive energy. One that has wowed us with her performance and commitment is our Account Manager, Shakira! For this reason, we're giving her the spotlight in this month's newest blog post! Check it out!

We're almost halfway through the semester and the exams are getting tougher just as you are just getting wiser! in just a few more months, you will walk the big stage with a diploma in your hand. Congratulations! Before you do, we would like to share some insight on what's ahead. Our CEO, Terry, shares his tips to success in our newest blog. Take a look!

The Xcellent ATL team has decided to go social and become bloggers! For monthly posts about our team, promotion announcements, awards, and business tips, follow us on WordPress! You will not want to miss out on our latest adventures and learn the secret of success of our team members. Stay tuned!


Our team members at Xcellent ATL know what it takes to be successful and how to make their goals a reality. By giving our representatives a clear understanding of what we expect, we are able to expand rapidly into new markets by hiring ambitious, self-motivated individuals that are eager to grow personally and professionally. These are the candidates we want to develop. If this is you, we want to meet you.



Do you like to work on a team and interact with people? You may be a good fit for our marketing and sales position. This position would involve meeting with new and existing customers face-to-face. We provide full, hands-on training. Our top performers at Xcellent ATL will have the opportunity to move into a sales trainer and leadership role.


If you are friendly, organized, and driven, you may be a good fit for our Administration and Human Resources team! In our HR/Administration role, you will assist with the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Our administrators at Xcellent ATL wear many hats, so you can expect to be challenged daily!


Great leaders are invaluable to any organization. At Xcellent ATL, our biggest priority is developing our top team members into top leaders. We know that in order to continue growing our business, we need a strong leadership and management team. We prefer to develop our managers from within the organization, rather than hire from the outside.


When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. ~Roy E. Disney


🏆 Teamwork
🏆 Equality
🏆 Integrity
🏆 Leadership
🏆 Work Ethic
🏆 Respect
🏆 Diversity
🏆 Accountability


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