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World Electric Supply

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A Brief History Of Our World

World Electric Supply was started in 1999 in North Miami Beach with one location. Since then we have expanded to 10 locations throughout Florida. We currently have over 200 employees and approximately 320,000 square feet in our distribution centers for stocking the items that you need today. If you need it, we more than likely have it in stock at one of our many facilities, ready to be delivered, when and where you specify.

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World is an outstanding electrical distribution company providing quality service to all our customers.

World is always looking for talented, energetic, and passionate people to accelerate our growth.

Energy Services

Conserving energy is a hot topic lately, and everyone wants to do their part. The problem is, no one really knows or understands what their "Part" is in the big picture. We all know that if we turn something off, it saves money. It saves money, it saves resources, and it saves the planet. But, a simple flip of the switch, as easy as it may sound, is not always easy, or practical in our everyday environment. While you may not be 100% sure what needs to be done, the one plain fact that we can all agree on is, and something needs to be done. While the earth's energy supply is limited, your choices for smart product and solution alternatives are not!