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Staffing 9 Active Jobs

WORKFORCE is a recruitment agency that specializes in the trades. Full stop. It is no accident our corporate colour is blue.

Most, if not all, of our recruiters have backgrounds in the various industries represented. We all speak knowledgeably in addressing your questions, and any advice that we give you comes from that first-hand experience.

At WORKFORCE we believe it is important to establish relationships, with both individual job seekers, and also the companies that are looking to hire them. Sure, we have a few forms that are required to be filled out, but that is just a part of the story. We encourage any questions you may have be discussed over the phone, please give us a call anytime.

We at WORKFORCE are all dedicated to ensuring the best match for employees and employers alike.

Career Opportunities

At WORKFORCE our goal is always to provide our job recruits with the best quality representation possible to the companies looking for skilled, motivated and professional tradespeople like you.

We encourage all job seekers to consult with a WORKFORCE advisor to discuss your trade, qualifications, experience and availability; and also so that we can understand what you ideally want from your next employment opportunity. Committing to this quick & essential part of the process results in a better and faster job placement for you.

Contact Us

400 – 1681 Chestnut Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6J 4M6