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Woongjin, Inc.,  is a corporate that has specialty in IT consulting and IT service. Our business areas are Hotel IT Services, IT Consulting, System Integration, IT Outsourcing, and IT Solution. We provide ISP, BPR consulting to the leading companies in various industries and suggest the right direction that creating value to customer's goal. We also creat value for customer through System Integration and provide stable ITO performance and FM service.

Our goal is to provide One-Stop Services for customer's legacy system which are ERP-based mobile, web, security, FTA solutions, and operations in progress by various IT projects.We committed to providing the best suitable IT environment by introduction and application of market leading IT advanced technology and services for customers' business performance achievement, value creation, business process automation, enhanced decision making, and business model design. As a result, many clients are becoming a partner with us and stregthen the competitivenss. With our core value - honesty, passion, and creativity we will devote ourselves to continuous innovation to flexibly respond to rapidly changing market.

Woongjin, Inc., has 'extraordinary idea for customers' that toward the company responsible for beyond customer satisfaction to customer success, and customer satisfaction. To do this, we are doing corporate social responsibility that cultivates creative human resources and makes dynamic organizational culture to meet the global era and practices mutual management on the basis of love, trust, and respect. Our priority is to take value for the customers and the deep gratitude of your interest and generous love to Woongjin, Inc., as a global leader.


  • SAP Consulting
  • SAP Implementation
  • IT Outsourcing
  • MNC Support

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