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Windows Management Experts

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Windows Management Experts, Inc. (WME) is a leading system
integrator for Microsoft Infrastructure and Cloud solutions. A Microsoft
Certified Partner with gold competencies in datacenter, device and deployment,
cloud productivity, EMS and cloud platform; WME has over 30 years of combined
experience and passion for transforming IT operations through the development
of solutions, products and managed services that make the job of their
customers easier.

WME's Strategic Services division concentrates on strategic
talent strategies, partnerships and acquisitions partnering with organizations
to assess and solve information technology challenges leveraging digital
technologies — cloud, mobile, security, infrastructure, and data.

Why We Are Different

  • 30 Years Combined Experience! We are a leader with Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud, with over 100+ production implementations under our belt
  • WME gets the job done right the first time, guaranteed
  • Organization and process expertise to drive the right solution so our customer’s obtain the full intended value
  • Plugged in to the Microsoft Infrastructure and Cloud community, including the product team, partners, and practitioners
  • Senior level technical expertise with 10+ years of practical experience
  • Unique methodologies developed over 10 years of IT Service Management tooling work
  • Network of MVP Partners that can “go deep” where you need it
  • Keeping it simple–focusing on core Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud solutions to provide optimal value (versus getting distracted by bells and whistles)
  • We give you the tools to implement, manage and monitor your Microsoft Infrastructure & Cloud technologies in a way that works for your company

Our Core Values

At WME, we are committed to creating powerful collaboration and team environments with highly technical people who share our organizations core values:

  • Communication
  • Invaluable
  • Integrity
  • Extraordinary Future of Accomplishment
  • Leadership
  • Transparency
  • Recognition
  • Opportunity to Excel
  • Responsibility