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Whitestone REIT

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Whitestone REIT is a fully integrated real estate company that owns, operates and re-develops Community Centered Properties™, which are visibly located properties in established or developing culturally diverse neighborhoods. Whitestone focuses on value-creation in our Community Centers, as we market, lease and manage our Centers to match tenants with the shared needs of surrounding neighborhoods. Operations are structured for providing cost-effective service to local service-oriented smaller space tenants (less than 3,000 sq. ft.). Our diversified tenant base concentrates on service offerings such as medical, education, and casual dining.

We invest in properties that are or can become Community Centered Properties™ from which our tenants deliver needed services to the surrounding community. We focus on niche properties with smaller rental spaces that present opportunities for attractive returns.


WHITESTONE REIT Corporate Headquarters 2600 S. Gessner, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77063 P. 713.827.9595 F. 713.465.8847

Whitestone REIT culture

The Whitestone REIT Challenge for all associates is to Think and Act like an Owner:
  • In every touchpoint: how we meet, greet, and assist our customers and our co-workers.
  • In every decision: how our day-to-day role impacts profits and makes a difference.
  • In how we are rewarded: achieving specific goals over a certain period of time.

Our corporate culture is a community of servanthood. We serve our ...
  • Shareholders by working to maximize the value of the enterprise and the real estate Communities we own.
  • Fellow Associates by providing development & training while encouraging the pursuit of excellence.
  • Tenants by providing quality rental space within a professional Community atmosphere.
  • Community by working together in an ethical and honest manner.

Core Values

  • To place the interests of our shareholders first.
  • To make decisions & behave in an honest, ethical, moral and legal manner.
  • To pursue excellence in everything we do.
  • To stretch beyond our perceived abilities to attain success.


Our mission is be the dominant REIT that acquires, owns, leases and manages Community Centered PropertiesTM .

Business Strategy

Our primary business objective is to increase shareholder value by acquiring, owning and operating Community Centered Properties™.
  • The key elements of our strategy include:
  • Strategically Acquiring Properties
  • Redeveloping and Re-tenanting Existing Properties
  • Recycling Capital for Greater Returns
  • Prudent Management of Capital Structure
  • Investing in People