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Westinghouse Electric Company

Private Energy - Utilities - Gas - Electric 10,000 - 25,000 Employees 8 Active Jobs

Westinghouse Electric Company provides fuel, services, technology, plant design, and equipment to utility and industrial customers in the worldwide commercial nuclear electric power industry.

Westinghouse Electric Company has a long-standing commitment to excellence in commercial nuclear reactor technology.

Our Vision & Values

Our primary vision is to be the customers' choice to supply leading-edge nuclear technology to satisfy the world's growing demand for energy. We strive to do this by:
  • Acting with integrity and respect for others
  • Being safe and environmentally responsible
  • Committing to achieving success for our customers
  • Delivering value and profit
  • Excelling in our operations

Nearly 50 percent of the nuclear power plants in operation worldwide, and nearly 60 percent in the United States, are based on Westinghouse technology. Worldwide, the nearly 8,500 employees of Westinghouse Electric Company continue to pioneer value-added engineering and services creating success for our customers in their increasingly demanding markets. The three core businesses of Westinghouse — Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Services and Nuclear Power Plants — support this mission.

Working at Westinghouse

Westinghouse knows that it's important to enjoy the work you do, where you do it. Our company culture thrives when we maintain this balance. We care about our employees. We offer a solid benefits package and encourage you to develop your professional skills. Our facilities are clean and environmentally safe for you and for your community. Offices range from modern technology parks to laboratories to manufacturing plants. There is a great deal of pride in the name "Westinghouse." Our satisfaction comes from our success in the past and our confidence in the future. Each year, we strive to hire new college graduates and interns. Proof that at Westinghouse, we all want to keep up the good work.


It began in the Age of Steam—a 19th century success story that resonates in the 21st century. George Westinghouse, a spunky teenager with a head full of ideas, seizes opportunity after opportunity to make technology better, faster, more efficient. In the process, he helps improve the way people live. He starts a company, then another, then dozens of them. His ventures survive him and evolve through decade after turbulent decade into forms he couldn't have predicted, but would no doubt have understood.


Westinghouse Electric Company
1000 Westinghouse Drive, Cranberry Township, PA 16066