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Public Healthcare - Health Services

WellCare’s advantage is that we focus exclusively on providing managed care services through government-sponsored programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare. We offer a variety of health plans for families and children, as well as prescription drug plans for our approximate 3.3 million members as of January 2014. More importantly, we understand their special needs and challenges and know the communities they live in well.


WellCare is a results-driven and customer-focused organization. Team members are excited to work in our fast-paced and high-energy environment. Are you looking for this type of organization? Then join us as we grow! We are seeking new associates across many areas of the company. Join the WellCare team for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity.


WellCare is committed to embracing diversity, providing a positive experience and promoting fair, consistent and collaborative hiring.

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Tampa, FL 33631-3372

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