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Web-Don, Inc. proudly celebrates over 45 years in the building materials industry and counting. Among its greatest achievements have been gaining recognition as the 1997 Wilsonart Distributor Of The Year, maintaining fantastic employee retention rates, and turning a small business into a mega-success.

Web-Don, Inc. started in Charlotte, NC in 1972. Web-Don began its journey as a Wilsonart distributor, although Wilsonart was only one line in a multi-line distribution business. Neighbors Webster Collett and Don Smith first owned and operated C & S Distributors, which was primarily a Florida Tile distributor. Buck McQuay joined the men in ’72 with a small line of credit that he secured from his local bank. At the time McQuay was only 32 years old, and taking on such a business venture was a definite risk. But it proved to be a very fruitful risk!

Collett and Smith were convinced their future prospects lay in the Florida Tile business, but McQuay saw the brighter prospects of the Wilsonart line. By 1973, C & S had closed its doors and Web-Don began its journey as one of the foremost Wilsonart distributors in the US. McQuay and Smith bought out Collett early on, and from that point until 2005, McQuay and Smith ran Web-Don. Buck McQuay bought out Don Smith in 2005, and today he is the sole owner of Web-Don, Inc.

Within a few years, Web-Don, Inc. had added other manufacturers and even more locations in Winston and Raleigh. The company’s history still was not without its rough spots, though. In the early 70s, tough economic times, forced employees of Web-Don, Inc. to cut their work week back to four days. Throughout this time, the company was continually adamant about doing everything possible to avoid layoffs. Luckily, with outstanding leadership and quality products, this did not last long.

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