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Wausau Supply Company

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Wausau Supply Company continues evaluating opportunities that exist in the marketplace to be innovative and broaden our market share for preparation for the future. This is also being done by establishing succession for our CEO by naming Jody Maier as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in late 2012.

Evolution and growth has continued in 2013 with the business plan of seeking customers for our distribution business in WY., MT. and CO. to be serviced out of our Rapid City SD. location. The summer of 2013 has brought significant building additions to the warehouse and door shop facilities in Weston, WI., which will accommodate significant increases in capacity for our siding & door production processes. The addition to the door shop has also made room for the move of the Ogema location to the door shop in Weston, WI., which resulted in the sale of the building in Ogema. Wausau Supply Company will be equipping a warehouse in our Taylor Entrance Systems facility to accommodate for building material distribution to the areas of N. & S. Central Michigan.


The 21st Century began by selling the warehouse in Farmington, MN and a new facility was built in Lakeville, MN to allow for growth in the Metro area of Minneapolis. As the door shop continued to expand, it was determined to build a facility in Weston, WI to be dedicated to accommodate the door shop exclusively which would allow for future expansion. Consolidation occurred again when the Woodruff, WI facility was combined with our warehouse facility in Weston, WI and the Woodruff facility was sold. In 2002, we built a warehouse in Jacksonville, Illinois, our second location in the state of Illinois. By 2004, we had added onto the Jacksonville facility twice, accommodating the expansion for a third cement siding painting operation. In 2002 we built a door shop in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Our expansions continued to include; a third door shop in Stuart, IA; a warehouse in Brandon, SD; a warehouse in Gardner, KS; and a warehouse in Rapid City, SD. Our biggest warehouse in Schofield, WI had become fully developed and a new warehouse was built (2007) in the Industrial Park in Weston, WI. This allowed for better utilization of space and efficiency of our bar code technology which had a positive impact on our operating expenses. A Corporate office was built (2012) onto the warehouse structure and the Bayberry location was sold to Crystal Finishing. In addition to new builds, there had been (2) acquisitions; ANP in Ogema, WI (2009) allowed for self sufficiency of creating our own moldings and trims for our millwork business. The second acquisition was Taylor Door in West Branch, MI (2012) which was our supplier of steel doors, which had fallen to financial strife. This acquisition allowed us again to be self-sufficient and give more freedom in developing new products for the future. This business is now known as Taylor Entrance Systems.

One of the significant changes to Wausau Supply Company was to become an ESOP company in 2001. By our employees increasing ownership awareness, it has had a positive impact on our ability to influence our internal operations.

One of the biggest challenges for Wausau Supply Company in the 2000's was the economy and the housing market collapse from 2006 thru 2009. During these challenging years our employee population went from it's height of 566 in 2005 to 364 in 2009. In order to combat these challenges Wausau Supply went from a de-centralized management approach to centralizing Management, Accounting, IT and Purchasing to the Corporate office in Schofield, WI. We also centralized our Customer Service Call-Centers from nine call centers to three (Schofield, WI, Eau Claire,WI & Lakeville, MN) that remain today. As of the decrease in new housing starts, it was determined to close our kitchen business in Eau Claire, WI., our paintline in Jacksonville Ill. and the door shop in Stuart, IA.

Senior Management changes again took place with Tom Thornton selling his stock to the ESOP and Joe Jordan was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and in charge of all day to day operations. This began a change in business philosophy from each location having a manager to one in which we are all "one warehouse". This approach works well within an employee owned corporation.