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w3r Consulting

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Established in 1995 and headquartered out of Southfield, MI, w3r Consulting is a national leader in technology consulting. We work tirelessly as a staffing firm to connect top talent to premier organizations across America while simultaneously helping corporations identify and maximize their business objectives and processes to ensure optimal success.

Operating out of 5 states currently, and expanding our consultant and client base daily, we realize building relationships are critical to the success of w3r. We value our relationships with our clients as much as we do with our employees and our business partners. These relationships are based on mutual interest, and create added value for all parties involved. Our low turnover, combined with our long-lasting relationships serve as a true testament of our strengths.

Career Opportunities

In exploration to carve out your mark in your professional life you need to know that your company has your best interest in hand. At w3r that is what life is all about. Empowering you with the tools and opportunities to ensure that your are regarded as one of the best and brightest I.T. professionals around the United States.

Having won “101 Best and Brightest Places to Work” 5 years and running, w3r identifies and understands what it means to have a great career but also have a balance for a real life. When you join w3r you don’t work for a company, you join a family. w3r rely on our consultants to act as the catalyst for this constant growth, development and reputation.

w3r develops and delivers exceptional customer value through exceptional solutions to companies. Explore our online career portal, social media channels, and other communities to find out more and get connected to your premier consulting employer today.


The business choices of today may seem daunting considering the complexity of our global landscape. w3r Consulting believes as an organization that we bring a unique perspective to both IT Staffing and Consulting services that allows us to challenge these complexities head on. Our suite of technology services are designed to narrow the business and technology gap, positioning your company to stay ahead of the technology curve. w3r can provide flexible IT resources, services and solutions to help build versatile, reliable and agile infrastructure foundations for your company.Explore this section of the website to further to understand the options for your new direction.

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w3r Consulting
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Southfield, MI 48075.