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Vivid Seats LLC

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Vivid Seats was created out of a genuine love for attending live events…

We all feel the anticipation right after the lights go down. We remember the sounds of the orchestra pit tuning their instruments to deliver enchanting musical scores and standing ovations. We remember the blazing guitar solos, the last second scores, the come-from-behind wins, and the cheers of the fans. It's no accident we're named Vivid Seats…"vivid" comes from the Latin word "vivere" which means "to live"…and going to live events gives you the chance to live the music, live the culture, and live the glory that all generate the vivid memories and unique stories that will last a lifetime!

Our Values

The more you see, the more you save!

Vivid Seats already has the best ticket prices online. And now we're taking it one step further with Vivid Values—the most robust rewards program of its kind!

We know that sometimes you save up for weeks to get the best seat in the house to see your favorite band, and sometimes it's a spur of the moment decision to head to tonight's big game. But no matter what drives you to live events, it's the pulse-pounding atmosphere of being there live that keeps bringing you back.

Vivid Values was born of our true desire to reward those fans who don't want to miss an encore or late-game rally. Those fans that keep coming back because they know there is nothing that matches the intensity of the moment and the ability to tell your friends "I was there!"

Vivid Seats will always work hard to ensure that we provide the best value to live event fans. Vivid Values is just another example of the way we make sure that true fans can always afford to see their favorite show or hometown team.

What we do

Vivid Seats provides a secure marketplace that allows fans to buy and sell the best seats, for the hottest shows, at the right price