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Vital Medical Staffing

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Vital Medical Staffing is a clinician owned staffing agency that specializes in the placement of healthcare professionals of all disciplines and specialties in medical facilities across the country.

As a clinician owned agency we understand first-hand how important it is to provide quality patient care. We are committed to recruiting the most highly qualified healthcare professionals, who possess the appropriate skill sets, education, experience and work ethic in order to meet the exacting standards of our healthcare client facilities. We work tirelessly to ensure all employees are within regulation and JCAHO standards. We take pride in giving our employees, facilities and their patients an excellent healthcare experience.

For Candidates

As a clinician owned agency, Vital Medical Staffing understands that searching for a new career opportunity can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process.

We know first-hand the importance of finding a facility that meets all of your needs. Let Vital’s experienced team take the stress out of your search. We work one-on-one with you to match your skills, interests and experience with rewarding positions. Whether you are interested in a new permanent position, a temporary assignment, or per diem work, our team is dedicated to learning who you are, both on a personal and professional level so that we can match you with that ideal opportunity. Vital will always provide you with the opportunity to hand pick your shifts and facility location.

At Vital Medical Staffing, we appreciate your hard work and take pride in rewarding you for all you do. We very much appreciate your referrals to your colleagues and peers. Your word of mouth is what helps make Vital Medical Staffing successful. To show our appreciation, we offer generous referral bonuses with every successful referral you bring to us.

For Employers

At Vital Medical Staffing we know from personal experience that in healthcare, talent is truly the most valuable asset.

Vital’s dedicated team of staffing consultants is here to help you develop strategic staffing solutions that are sure to meet your facility’s specific needs. This will enable you to improve productivity and efficiency, while making a positive impact on your bottom line.

We work endlessly to streamline your hiring process, doing extensive screening with an on-site clinical director to ensure that our candidates are highly skilled, experienced, and up to date on all credentialing and JCAHO requirements.

Vital makes it a priority to thoroughly understand both the details of the position you’re trying to fill as well as your specific company culture. This helps us to provide experienced, knowledgeable candidates who will fulfill your hiring requirements and hit the ground running for a smooth transition.

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss hiring needs of your facility. You will find our knowledge of staffing, our quality and supportive service, and our sense of urgency, a welcomed addition to your staffing solutions.

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Vital Medical Staffing
3623 Latrobe Dr., Suite 227
Charlotte, NC 28211