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Visium Resources, Inc. was established in 2003 to service the staffing needs of commercial and government organizations throughout Florida and the Southeastern USA, and how it came to be is an interesting story. The Company was founded by a very experienced team of Staffing Industry professionals whose roots in the Temp staffing industry extend all the way back to the 1950’s and 60’s.

After individually creating, building, and managing their respective Staffing organizations, the two founders ultimately sold their organizations in the late 90’s and retired to what they thought would be the “Good Life”. Having spent many years serving together as Directors of a national industry Trade Organization they stayed in touch, and when retirement lost its luster, they decided to meld their skills and actively go back into the industry they both knew and loved. From that decision flowed Visium Resources Inc. A new organization that would take advantage of the industries newest technologies for the sake of efficiency, but had at its core, the principle of doing business on a very personal level, Personal, meaning People to People. With that guiding Core Principle, Visium has imbued its staff with the concept that our way of doing business is to be based on the premise that in every business transaction, we are always serving two customers. Customer one is our Client Company, of course, but customer two shall always be our valued Contract Employees. Both Customers are considered a virtual extension of the Visium “Family”. After well over a decade of history behind us, it is safe to say that the application of that Core Principle has been validated,….. and it shall always be so. It is Our Way.


Visium Resources believes that Customer Service is, perhaps, our greatest benefit. We pride ourselves on our ability to create seamless interactions with our Employees at all times. We invite those evaluating our services to read employee-written reviews as we’re positive you’ll see what we mean. The fact of the matter is, Visium Resources TRULY CARES. That should be most evident in everything we do and we feel like this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Career Opportunities

Visium Resources is proud of its positive reputation, earned by successfully staffing projects with a widely diversified list of clientele throughout the Southeast. We are committed to customer service and differentiating ourselves by thinking inside and outside the box.       

We would like to offer a briefing on the offerings, which we feel sets our organization apart from the competition, and makes Visium Resources an intelligent and risk-free solution to your staffing needs.