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VIA Trailways

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VIA is a family-owned provider of premier transportation services and has earned a nationwide reputation in its industry for safety, reliability, and service. With a combined 100+ years of experience, VIA staff have served domestic and international tour groups, destination management companies, travel agencies, resorts/hotels, educational institutions, and a variety of community organizations. We are proud of our nearly 30 year history of excellence in motor coach services.

Mission Statement

VIA is the provider of choice for quality bus transportation, travel experiences, and related services. We are committed to serving our customers, supporting the growth of our employees, and responding to the needs of our community.

Company Milestones

Together with its sister company Merced Transportation, VIA has extensive experience in starting, growing, and improving transportation projects. Below are noteworthy milestones in the companies’ histories:

  • First private school bus operations serving children with disabilities in Merced County
  • One of the first operators in the western United States to operate European motor coaches
  • First contractor selected to operate the Merced County transit system. Helped grow the service from a small van operation into a true transit system
  • Established “The Yosemite Connection” (the forerunner of YARTS) providing the first multiple daily schedules to Yosemite from Merced
  • Selected by a leading international tour operator as their primary provider of charter bus services in the west and southwestern states
  • Established a specialized health-care transportation collaborative effort for an underserved population
  • Founded the first public transit system serving the Merced campus of a major public university