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Valley Presbyterian Hospital

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Valley Presbyterian Hospital opened its doors to the community in 1958 as a small, neighborhood provider of personalized medical care. Today, we are one of the largest and most prestigious full-service acute care facilities in the San Fernando Valley. Our 350-bed hospital serves thousands of families each year, with access to a wide range of medical expertise and leading-edge technology across all elements of care. Among the region’s brightest and best, our nurses, therapists, technicians and more than 500 physicians represent virtually every specialty and most sub-specialties in the medical field, including cardiac care, orthopedics, maternal and child health, and oncology.


Since 1958, all of us at Valley Presbyterian Hospital have remained steadfast in our commitment to improve the quality of health in the San Fernando Valley.

Our board of directors, medical staff, hospital administration, employees and volunteers are united by the understanding that each of us has an important role in our patients’ health and wellbeing. As an independent, nonprofit community hospital, our goal is to make sure every patient receives high-quality health care and knows they are valued.

Our mission, vision and core values are more than words — they are the driving force of all we do, guiding us in service to our community. Each and every day, we work together to provide excellent care and service to our community. Dignity, respect, compassion, trust, transparency and collaboration are the principles we value and demonstrate toward our patients and their loved ones, coworkers and partners.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission
To improve the quality of health in the San Fernando Valley.

Our Vision
Excellence in all we do.

Core Values
Demonstrate dignity and respect for all individuals.
Deliver compassionate and patient-centric care that addresses diverse cultural needs.
Create and maintain a quality environment that allows physicians and employees to succeed.
Show pride in providing community-based health care.
Promote trust and transparency.
Encourage collaboration in the workplace.

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Valley Presbyterian Hospital
15107 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405