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Vaddo, Inc.

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🏆Awarded one of Houston's Best & Brightest Companies to Work For the past six years in a row! 

Vaddo, Inc. is a sales firm responsible for the direct sales and acquisitions of consumer accounts for various Fortune 500 clients. The firm opened in August 2011, and they are aggressively growing and expanding in Houston. The firm will be expanding into every major market in Texas, followed by national and international expansion.

Focusing on leadership abilities, systems and a fun atmosphere allows the Vaddo, Inc team to bring a unique blend of personal development and professional results that do not just hit the clients'​ targets, but exceed them.


From engineers, to professional athletes, to teachers and bartenders, Vaddo accepts diverse people of all backgrounds, experience and education. We place them in a challenging and rewarding training program that's designed to bring out the best of each individual. We don't just train employees, but create leaders who think outside of the box and are great problem solvers.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to be a platform for talented, motivated and hungry people to change and impact the future of the business industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Our tactics have been proven over time, that to genuinely gain a client's trust, acquire and retain new customers, is to create personal relationships through face to face interaction, a warm handshake and simple smile.

Because of this, we believe that we have a massive competitive advantage over all the tech companies that use other forms of direct marketing to gain more customers.

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