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Public Sales - Marketing 100 - 250 Employees

USMA Inc. is one of the nation's leading outsourced sales and marketing firms. USMA has grown to serve clients in many industries, from big telecom to finance. USMA continues to be a key player in the market deployment of new technologies for the biggest players on Wall Street. Since its inception, USMA has launched campaigns in many major markets on the West Coast, including Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and the throughout the Los Angeles basin.


Account Representative

Each client campaign consists of a team of Account Representatives. The role of an Account Representative includes customer service and sales, as well as marketing presentations and public relations for the client. The Account Representative serves as an ambassador for the client to the community. This role demands the highest standards of professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity.

Human Resource Specialist

Each of our branches has a team of HR Specialists that manage the human resources, recruiting and staffing of a client’s campaign and sales support of the marketing team. The role of HR Specialists requires a high level of organization, critical thinking, an understanding of basic business computer skills and the ability to multitask effectively.

Market Director

The keystone of each branch location is the Market Director. The MD oversees all operations and all departments of the branch. As a key coach and mentor to the staff, the MD is responsible for both campaign and personnel development. Each branch consists of three departments – sales and marketing, finance and human resources – all of which report to the MD.
Each Market Director will be fully immersed in a four-phase management development program:

  • Sales and Marketing Development – A candidate will learn all aspects of a campaign, fine tune communication skills and personal performance. They will go through a client certification and serve as an Account Representative for one of our Fortune 500 clients.

  • Leadership Training – Leadership candidates with learn to master the art of coaching and developing others. Each candidate will have an opportunity to train and manage a team, instruct workshops and training and lead a campaign.

  • Business Management Training – Business management candidates will receive our own “MBA”-type certification. They will be fully immersed in financial management training, which includes budgeting and forecasting, human resource management, client relations and market launch strategy. They will attend classes provided by USMA, which include priority management, situational leadership and personality disposition recognition.

  • Market Management – When a candidate has completed the first three stages of management development, they will help coordinate the launch of a market location for one of our prestigious clientele. They will be the key player in the planning and execution of every step of that market’s campaign launch. Once completed, they will serve as the Market Director.

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