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US Medical Staffing

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Why US Medical Staffing?

In no other profession is trust more at issue than in healthcare. Patients trust practitioners with some of their most challenging and intimate life experiences. In turn, a relationship of trust between healthcare professionals and their employers is at the core of a successful long-term partnership.

US Medical Staffing similarly delivers services that foster the fundamental elements of trust between you and your employees. In short, we are in it for the long haul as your partner. During the selection process clients can trust in our integrity knowing that we offer the highest level of quality assurance.

We are able to maintain a consistent pipeline of highly-qualified candidates by leveraging multiple sourcing channels and managing an impressive referral and loyalty bonus program. At US Medical Staffing, we understand that it is in everyone’s best interest to share in long-term success. That’s why we believe so strongly in our referral and retention programs as key components in long-term success and satisfaction.

Forging a partnership with US Medical Staffing allows you to increase the search perimeter of your recruitment efforts, fill positions more efficiently and reduce the length of time the position goes unfilled.


Healthcare Careers with Benefits

Whether the security of one work place is what drives you or the opportunity to contribute your skills in a variety of settings, we are dedicated to making your career rewarding from the moment we connect with you.

US Medical is proud to provide all employees with an industry-leading benefits / incentives package, complete with excellent pay and all the extras.

Whether you choose a contract or long term temporary assignment, or prefer a more flexible per diem schedule, as a US Medical Staffing employee, you will not forfeit full time benefits.
Personal Service

No matter where you are, nationwide, we are your lifeline away from home, 24/7. Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you with healthcare career planning and help you chart your course from one assignment to the next.

Want to extend your contract? Do you have a specific destination in mind? Your Account Manager will work with client facilities on your behalf to make sure you achieve what you want as an RN/LPN/NP, Allied Health professional, Pharmacy professional, or Advanced Practice professional.


US Medical Staffing is dedicated to your well-being. We offer an exceptional insurance package complete with Health, Dental, and life coverage.

401K Plan

US Medical Staffing recognizes the importance in investing for your future. We offer a competitive 401K plan.

Vacation Pay

Everyone needs time to recharge and rejuvenate. US Medical Staffing offers employees paid vacation upon eligibility.

Referral Bonus

Earn up to $1000 for referring a friend, family member, or colleague to US Medical Staffing through our Referral Bonus program.

Loyalty Bonus

All employees are eligible to earn quarterly loyalty bonuses for reliability, adhering to schedules agreed upon, keeping professional documents up to date and, excellent work performance.

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US Medical Staffing
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