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Unique Creations Company, Inc


  • Unique Creations Company is a leader in outsourced customer acquisition and retention located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Our primary focus is to assist our Fortune 100 as well as Fortune 500 clients in pursuit to acquire new business. Our clients are confident that we can consistently acquire them quality customers that will continue to use their products and services in the future.

  • Another crucial part of our company is that we strive to help members of our team with their social, mental, physical and spiritual development. These facets along with our leadership development program ensure that each team member experiences professional as well as personal growth. Our leadership program includes, but is not limited to, Leadership and Communication Seminars, Management Development with key leaders, DISC assessment, and Franklin Covey FOCUS time and priority management.

  • We also pride ourselves on being avid partners in our community with non-profit organization events, most recently with Operation Smile and Baskets of Hope. 

  • Continuing with our team mentality, we encourage our members to meet outside of the office participating in different activities to strengthen our relationships during our team nights.

  • Through our success, we are able to offer our members exciting opportunities to travel with our company. In the past few months, we have traveled to surrounding cities, our leadership conference in Chicago, our national conference in Atlanta, as well as an R&R trip to Miami, Florida. In November, we had the pleasure to travel out to California and meet with the other Top Gun teams throughout the country and spent a weekend in the mountains at Big Bear. Our President and HR Manager just returned from Atlanta, Georgia at our annual Keys to Success conference. They spent time developing new skills, learning and networking with other leaders in our business and we are EXCITED for our upcoming accomplishments this year!


A. We are leaders committed to upholding our core values with the utmost integrity.

B. We strive to foster an entrepreneurial environment where individuals are ambitious, hardworking, and solution oriented.

C. We are a family that holds each other accountable to our personal and professional exponential growth.

D. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of giving back through people helping people.

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Unique Creations Company
1000 Executive Parkway, Suite 120 
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141