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UHS - Turning Point Youth Center

Public Healthcare - Health Services Headquartered in St. Johns, MICHIGAN

Specialized Residential Care For Adolescents

Our Mission

Turning Point Youth Center is a secure therapeutic program designed to assist youth who have been adjudicated as delinquent and possess a mental illness. Our utilization of multifaceted and inclusive therapeutic components affords our residents the opportunity to manage their mental illness and to learn appropriate behaviors.

Our treatment professionals committed to providing quality treatment and rehabilitation to our residents in an effort to allow them to become productive members of society.

Philosophy of Treatment

Turning Point Youth Center offers highly structured residential treatment designed to assist males who require psychiatric treatment in a secure setting. Treatment professionals include a child & adolescent psychiatrist, clinical director, therapists, nursing staff, group leaders, and education professionals. All residents admitted to Turning Point receive a psychiatric evaluation and an individualized treatment plan.

The Facility

Turning Point Youth Center is a sixty (60) bed treatment program located on a twenty-two (22) acre campus in rural Clinton County, Michigan. Our state of the art facility is licensed as a Child Caring Institution by the Michigan Department of Human Services.

Utilizing Rational Behavior Training, Turning Point's developed system of treatment fully provides each resident with a secure and safe therapeutic environment. Our facility maintains a closed medium/high secure setting utilizing electronic monitoring and continuous staff supervision. Outdoor and indoor recreation areas afford residents the opportunity to engage in year-round recreational activities.


Therapeutic Components for Youth

Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Thorough psychiatric evaluations administered by a Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Behavioral observations and psychotropic medication monitoring, if needed
Individual Therapy
  • Offers the opportunity to explore areas of concern in one-on-one sessions with a Masters Prepared Therapist
Family Therapy
  • Youth and family members engage in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in an effort to foster family-systems change
Sex Offender Group Therapy
  • Fosters appropriate sexual decision making while addressing past behaviors and abuses through education and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Substance Abuse Group Therapy
  • Assists youth in overcoming the abuse of substances and to adopt more appropriate coping skills
Rational Behavior Training
  • Allows youth to change inappropriate self talk & core beliefs through the analysis of current, recent, and past thinking & behaviors
When Nothing Matters Anymore
  • Allows youth to learn to understand depression, to recognize its effects, to understand treatment options, and to take care of their mental illness
Everyday Leadership
  • Helps youth discover their own leadership potential and develop skills that guide them to act responsibly and make a difference in the world around them
You and Violence in Your Family
  • Youth learn how to define and understand abuse & family violence, along with what to watch for as warning signs
Growing Good Kids
  • Assists youth in developing skills in problem solving, decision making, cooperative learning, and divergent thinking while promoting self-awareness, tolerance, character development, and service

Contact Us

Turning Point Youth Center

101 West Townsend Road
St. Johns, Michigan 48879

(989) 224-1177
(800) 762-3742
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