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Tribe Express

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Tribe Express is one of the fastest growing asset based minority transportation companies providing truckload service via power only, dry, refrigerated, flatbed, tankers, and expedited modes. With a history of providing excellent service in these modes, Tribe Express, Inc. has built a substantial and reliable asset & fleet logistics base of partners to handle any shipment that is offered by our customers. Drivers and fleet operators are screened thoroughly by our Safety Resources Department, ensuring that only responsible drivers operating our quality equipment are assigned to move your freight. This network of capacity and shippers is bolstered by our cutting edge technology, innovation, and our extensive communication methods.This is all done with the personal touch of our experienced employees, available 24/7, who care for these loads from order tender to successful delivery.


The Tribe family cares about our employees.  As one of the nation’s premier employers, we pride ourselves in promoting a people-oriented, positive work environment.

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2251 Jesse Jewell Parkway NE
Gainesville, GA 30507